Send a Message to the people of Indiana State: Don't vote for Richard Mourdock.
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Send a Message to the people of Indiana State: Don't vote for Richard Mourdock.

    1. Kalina L
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      Kalina L

      New York, NY

This week at a live debate for the Indiana State Senate, candidate Richard Mourdock was asked about healthcare and how it pertains to abortions obtained by rape victims.  Mourdock's answer, told to a live television audience, was that healthcare shouldn't cover abortions because if a women gets pregnant as the result of a rape, "that's something God intended."

Mitt Romeny has since denounced Mourdock's statements yet it still backing his campaign. That isn't good enough. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham campaigned for him last week. Neither has denounced his views or revoked their endorsements.  That isn't good enough.

Opinions such as this are harmful to our society because they inherently promote two things: the idea that God has prordained rape and that violence against women is their destiny. The message from Mourdock's camp, even in his attempts to back peddle on this issue fall short of any logic or compassion.  His ideas and apologies fall very short of the characteristics and convictions we should expect and demand from a Senatorial candidate.

Comments like this have no place in our government and they sure as day do not have a place in our government as we move into the future. Senators like Mourdock and Todd Akin send a message to our women that God, quite literally, intends on their assault and abuse. The message sent to our men incites violence through the majesty of preordination!  The message that I hear, as a human rights activist, is that we ALL need to stand up, put our collective feet down, and do the best we can to ensure a man like this DOES NOT get voted into the Senate, in Indiana or anywhere else in our nation.

I am angry - you should be too.

I am fed up with our politicians using God as a way to govern our people and frighten our youth. We are not living in the stone age or the renaissance. It is time we actually separate Church and State. Enough is enough. For our country to succeed in moving into the future we must stop this blatant misuse of religion.

The obvious conclusion is that these comments would cause a religious woman to be forced, by her own faith in God, to believe that she DESERVED this because God WANTS that pregnancy. That is just as much mental abuse as telling her she was asking to be raped.

As a nation, we do not stand for racism in our political theater - it's time we treat sexism with the same kind of cognitive refusal.

Help me STOP this wildly irresponsible and blatant violence towards women. Let's send a message to Indiana and to Washington that we are against the politicizing of women's bodies.  We are against religion being weilded as a weapon.

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    • Celia Litovsky DURHAM, NC
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is used as a weapon against women who have already experienced enough trauma as a result of being raped. Women are capable of making their own healthcare decisions and do not need to have a law telling them when it is acceptable to have an abortion and when it is God's intention to get her pregnant.

    • Booker Loud CYPRESS, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because "no man" has the right the tell a woman what to do with her body. God gave man free will to make his own decisions and man has the right to take that away from a woman.

    • David Smith DURHAM, NC
      • almost 2 years ago

      Mourdock's private beliefs have no place in public policy. If he and his right-of-Republican extremist colleagues truly believe in strict adherence to the Constitution, then they need to stop ignoring the section about "Separation of Church and State".

    • Kalina L NEW YORK, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      Pass this along!! I know I am angry and I know can't put my opinions out into the world as eloquently as others...but my message remains the same. If we allow ourselves to be governed by those who believe that rape is God's will, we are surely doing an injustice to our daughters' daughters. Not to mention the conflicting message we are sending to men. God doesn't sit in the Oval Office. God doesn't sit on the Supreme Court. And God certainly does not sit in our House or Senate. We cannot allow God, then, to sit on our shoulders as we vote or stand behind our pulpits as we debate. And goddamit we cannot abide ignorance and such as this!

    • Amber Richards NEW YORK, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      Because I am a woman and I should be able to have the decision making power for all things affecting my body... especially rape!


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