Introduce Andrew's Law
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Senator Phillip Puckett, 38th District Commonwealth of Virginia

Introduce Andrew's Law

    1. David Fox
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      David Fox

      Tazewell, VA

Our Law Enforcement Officers in this great Commonwealth put their lives on the line each and every day when they step out of their homes, to protect us as citizens. Recently, a tragic accident took one of our own, Tazewell County native, Trooper Andrew David Fox. Trooper Fox was on special assignment in Richmond VA, and was ran over by a vehicle traveling off the interstate, which failed to acknowledge Trooper Fox and all the other Troopers directing traffic. The driver received a reckless driving citation and recently in a hearing in Hanover County pleaded nolo contendere meaning she neither admitted guilt nor innocence. She took a plea bargain of a $1000.00 fine and a 12 month suspended sentence in jail.  This is important for all others who put their lives on the line each day, to show that something of this nature is not simply a slap on the wrist.

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    • Crystal Pendleton RONCEVERTE, WV
      • 9 months ago

      Because life of a person who serves so unselfishly for so little pay.. Is worth more than 1000$ fine..its disgusting there was no punishment..... Prayers to his family

    • Jennifer Meade RICHMOND, VA
      • 9 months ago

      I myself have been a medic/ff since 1995 and over 75% of my immediate family is either Police/Fire/Rescue. We are in desperate need of legislation that will hold anyone who endangers our safety accountable for doing so. Andrew's Law will serve the community not only by punishing the reckless, but also by providing an opportunity to educate the public on the importance of remaining observant&vigilant while behind the wheel. Distracted Driving is a Killer! We must adopt any means necessary to enforce Due Regard for Safety on our roadways.

    • Thomas Price CHILHOWIE, VA, VA
      • 9 months ago

      My son is a Police Officer in Chilhowie

    • Belinda Stroupe MAX MEADOWS, VA
      • 9 months ago

      I have a family member that is a LEO and I believe his life is worth more than a $1000 fine, I know his wife and three children most defintaly think so too.

    • Alma K Goodwin GUM SPRING, VA
      • 11 months ago

      I do not know this Trooper nor do I personally know others......What I do know is that no one should loose their life he did....All she got was a slap on the wrist.....but look at what his family and friends got....the lose of a loved one......


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