Pass Bill A909 so adopted people can know their bio family health history
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Senator Charles Schumer

Pass Bill A909 so adopted people can know their bio family health history

    1. Megan De
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      Megan De

      Buffalo, NY

Dear Senator Schumer:

On behalf of New York State adoptees, their family, friends, and supporters we are writing you; adopted and not adopted, to express our immense disastification in the inequality and discrimination of adopted adults in the state of New York. All Americans are entitled to basic human rights under the 14th Amendment. Adopted adults, and adopted children, are not receiving equality because our (their) biological family's health information is kept secret from them. It is a slap in the face to grown adults who pay their taxes, fight for their country, and abide by the laws of NY and the Federal Government to not know inheritable diseases and mental illnesses in their biological families. It leaves them and their medical caretakers frustrated and in the dark. Adopted children, teens, and young adults have unexpectedly died because of information withheld from them. Yes, this blatant discriminatory act is killing people.

We are telling you, Senator Schumer, that the buck stops here. As adoptees or friends and family of adoptees, we are demanding civil rights. We are demanding New York State join Maine in doing what is right and no longer what is unconstitional.


Therefore, we expect to see you present Bill A909 to Congress immediately and explain the following:


A) All people deserve to know their health information. Denial of health information has caused deaths.

B) As long as records are closed the 14th Amendment is not followed and thus is unconstitutional.


C) Since certain states, such as Maine, allow for an opening of records while other backwards states, such as New York, still do not this creates a priviledged class among a group of people which is unconstitutional.


D) An illegal alien or a murderer can receive his or her records but not an adoptee. How does this make sense? It doesn't.

Created on Martin Luther King Day, a man who died for a purpose that continues. If one doesn't believe in equality for adopted people then in our eyes they are as bad as the racist White people of the past who lynched African Americans, the Nazis who killed the Roma, handicap, and Jews, the Khmer Rouge who killed the Cambodians, the genocide of Native Americans, the British who starved and enslaved the Irish, and any other human atrocity.


Thank you,



Senator Charles Schumer
Pass Bill A909 so adopted people can know their bio family health history

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    • Lisa Sara SCHENEVUS, NY
      • 9 months ago

      I was adopted and I want to know who I am.

    • Susan Arft ARNOLD, MO
      • 9 months ago

      So Michele can finally know who her father is and her medical history

    • Donna Goldstein WEST PALM BEACH, FL
      • 9 months ago

      I was adopted

    • Donna Lowery ST. PETERSBURG, FL
      • 9 months ago

      this is important to me because it is right, and just, and in some cases, lifesaving...

    • Michele Newell BALLWIN, MO
      • 9 months ago

      Joyce Striker Fenton Missouri


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