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Senator Boxer - Please Co-Sponsor the Youth PROMISE Act!

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      The Peace Alliance

California Senator Barbara Boxer has expressed to her constituents a willingness to co-sponsor S. 435 - the Youth PROMISE act - as a visionary approach to reducing  youth violence and keeping at-risk youth out of the criminal justice system. We need the help of the Change.org community to convince Senator Boxer to officially sign on and make Youth PROMISE a reality.

The Youth PROMISE Act is a bipartisan bill that funds and implements the best policy recommendations to reduce youth crime and violence through proven prevention and intervention practices, such as mentoring and after-school programs. The bill targets communities with the highest rates of youth crime and gang activity and empowers local communities with control over the use and oversight of resources, while holding communities accountable for their funding through measurement of cost, savings and effectiveness.

1) Sign the petition below to send Senator Boxer an e-mail asking for her co-sponsorship of S. 435.

2) Follow-up with a call to thank Senator Boxer for her willingness to sign onto S. 435 and ask her to officially co-sponsor the bill.  

Here are the numbers to call:

    Washington D.C. - (202) 224-3553
    San Francisco - (415) 403-0100
    Sacramento - (916) 448-2787
    Fresno - (559) 497-5109
    Los Angeles - (213) 894-5000
    San Diego - (619) 239-3884
    Inland Empire - (951) 684-4849

3) Get ready to celebrate passage of the Youth PROMISE act into law!

Thanks for helping make this happen!

From your friends at The Peace Alliance.

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