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Secretary of the Navy: Consider Veteran Entrepreneurial Solutions for Recruiting and Advertising
  • Petitioned Hon. Ray Maybus

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Secretary of the Navy
Hon. Ray Maybus

Secretary of the Navy: Consider Veteran Entrepreneurial Solutions for Recruiting and Advertising

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      Veteran Coalition Against Demilitarization (VETCAD)

The Veterans Coalition Against Demilitarization (VETCAD) is a U.S. Veterans non-profit organization created to protect the Operational Status and Operational Security (OpStat and Opsec) interests of the United States Military by developing innovative strategies to meet the challenges faced by our armed forces that may not otherwise be able to be met.

Our argument is that the economic power and military power of a nation are intimately connected.  Therefore, the solutions developed in VETCAD are designed with "bilateral benefit" to the Armed Forces and the private sector (business) civilian community.  In addition, VETCAD is committed to facilitate creating no less than 1000 sustainable veteran-owned entrepreneurial enterprises.

An example of just one of the recruting/advertising solutions that we propose to SecNav is to develop, host and distribute mobile apps for 100,000 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) nationwide, at no cost to the SME.  These apps would be developed and hosted (at cost) by the veteran entreprenuers (trained and contracted by VETCAD) and paid for by the U.S. Navy.  In exchange each mobile app would feature a "Sponsored Tab" that is branded with promotional content from the U.S. Navy.  This "Sponsored Tab" would be mandatory for the app to remain cost-free.  These mobile apps would reach millions of Americans and serve as a viable advertising medium for the U.S. Navy and the businesses who own them.

Other solutions include providing SMBs with low-cost access to an award-winning, world-class entreprenurial curriculum, free entreprenurial, business development and economic development summits, 0% mark-up on office products and much more...All provided by veteran entrepreneurs and having a positive impact on the USN recruiting efforts.

Help U.S. Veterans continue to fight for YOU...  If you are a business professional who would be willing to exchange a "Sponsor Tab" for the opportunity to have free mobile app developed and hosted for your company/organization then we urge you to petition the Secretary of the Navy to consider an audience with VETCAD today! 

NOTE: Should VETCAD win the account with the SecNav, ALL Entrepreneurs who signed this petition will receive one of the mobile apps previously discussed, customized for their business/organization.

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    • Jeanette Lewis RUSTON, LA
      • over 1 year ago

      I'm AMERICA PROUD!!!

    • Jerrod Dorrell BAYTOWN, TX
      • over 1 year ago


    • Adriyel Nieves YORK, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      I met a friend in college who later became apart of the Armed Forces. He means a lot and I will never forget the friendship we have. I am signing to be sure that the great men and women that serve in the Army like him will not be short-changed on the benefits.

    • Veola Jolly ROUND ROCK, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      My husband is a 23 year Veteran of the US Navy.

    • lindell thomas RICHMOND, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      Veterans have done a great duty to our country, it is very sad that after veterans are off duty, they have to struggle to make a living.


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