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Secretaries of State: Making voting easier!
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Secretaries of State: Making voting easier!

    1. Dan McSwain
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      Dan McSwain


From a broken voter registration system to fewer early vote opportunities and impossibly long lines, voting is much harder than it should be in the world's greatest democracy.


Voter registration deadlines are weeks before Election Day, and most states don't support online registration. Early vote is a no-brainer, but this year states like Florida and Ohio nearly eliminated it. And lines on Election Day are absurdly long -- for no good reason.

Let's demand that every secretary of state make voting reform a top priority starting in the upcoming legislature, starting here:

1. Same day registration and online registration
2. Expanding early voting opportunities
3. If we get the first two, we'll take care of the third: no more long lines on Election Day.

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    • Sharon Okolicsanyi MANASSAS, VA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It undermines our democracy. To quote a reporter,"It should not take heroic acts to vote!" The "greatest democracy in the world" is a disgrace when people have to stand in line for hours and hours to vote. Virginia ended voting at 7:00, but lines stretched so far that people were in line until after 11:00 PM. Other states were worse. Furthermore, when you try to suppress the vote, people get mad and will stand in line all day and night if they have to, just to prove that their right will not be taken away. Not the greatest democracy when you look at this. No wonder almost half the people stay home.

    • Juan Bernal AUSTIN, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because we wanted to vote, but could not get registered on time when we moved to another state. This prevented our voice from being heard, even though we wanted to vote wholeheartedly. An online registration system is the solution!

    • Michael Moats NEW YORK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      If my iPhone automatically capitalizes Election Day, then so can we.


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