Seattle Public Schools: Support Seattle teachers refusing to administer the MAP!
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Seattle Public Schools: Support Seattle teachers refusing to administer the MAP!

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      Social Equality Educators (SEE)

The Measure of Academic Progress test used in Seattle Public Schools needs to be removed because:

-The MAP’s margin of error is greater than expected gains.

-The MAP is not aligned with state standards which teachers are expected to teach. There is no way to see the content of the test and thus prepare for it.

-Administering the MAP takes time away from instruction. The test is taken 3 times a year and requires dedication of crucial instruction hours to test preparation and administration.

-The test negatively impacts students with special needs & English language

-The MAP test is administered online and thus monopolizes computer lab access for weeks at a time, preventing students from using the school computers for other important projects.

-The MAP is not taken seriously by students when they realize their grade isn’t
affected by their performance on the test. Students are known to intentionally put
the wrong answer in order to lower the difficulty of the test. Teachers' performance evaluations are then partially based on the results of a test students don't take seriously.

-The MAP was adopted at a cost of millions of dollars to the district amid a serious conflict of interest. Former SPS Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson, sat on the board of the MAP test’s developer and owner, the Northwest Evaluation Association, when the MAP test was adopted by the Seattle School District. A state auditor found this to be an ethics violation.

-The company that makes the MAP, the NWEA, advises that the MAP test not be used for teacher evaluation.

-The Seattle Education Association has condemned the use of the MAP test.

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    2. Press Release: Majority of staff at Orca K-8 join district MAP test protest

      M E D I A A D V I S O R Y
      M O N D A Y, J A N U A R Y 1 4, 2 0 1 3
      Teachers at Orca K-8, in the Columbia City Neighborhood of south
      Seattle, Say MAP Test is Counterproductive,
      Eleven Staff Members Say They’ll Refuse to Waste Students’ Time,
      School’s Resources
      Twenty Three Staff Members have signed a letter of support for
      Garfield Staff, as well as educators at other Seattle Public Schools
      who are also refusing to give the MAP test

      SEATTLE – Joining the wave of educators across the district, many of
      the staff at Orca K-8 will announce this afternoon their refusal to
      administer a standardized test that students in other schools across
      the district are scheduled to take in the first part of January.
      Known as the MAP test, it purports to evaluate student progress and
      skill in reading and math. The teachers contend that it wastes time,
      money, and precious school resources.

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      Solidarity with Garfield High School testing boycott

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    Reasons for signing

    • Teresita Doebley SOMERS POINT, NJ
      • 9 months ago

      I am a former teacher.

    • Laurie Feola SPOKANE, WA
      • 10 months ago

      The focus of education should be on learning and not ranking students, schools and educators. Multiple choice tests do not allow children to demonstrate what they know and may be better indicators of who is good at taking multiple choice tests.

    • Bethany Ford LONGVIEW, WA
      • 10 months ago

      My kids ace the test but it doesn't mean anything.

    • Heather Hamilton WAIALUA, HI
      • 10 months ago

      Testing for me was stressful and I always under achieved compared to my real life and in class results. I am now completing my masters and have traveled around the world. Standardized testing absolutely negatively impacts students, other forms of assessments are more appropriate. Standardized testing should belong in industry and material, not in human standards and soul of education.

    • jill angelichio CHARLOTTE, NC
      • 11 months ago

      My 7 year old child took 3 standardized tests in the same week. One showed her to be qualified for further screening in the gifted program, the Cogat test, the MAP test said she was below average in Reading and Language, and the NC Literacy mClass results were all the way to meeting 5 out of 6 goals. Has North Carolina discovered 3 quantum states of the same child or is the online version of the MAP test scientifically and statistically inaccurate?

      • I took this to be a statistically anomaly, mistake, something that will be corrected over time or with the next test. However, her teacher is steadfastly sticking to the Kindergarten Lexile score and below average MAP test score by failing her on the first quarter report card and insisting when I inquire what books to use, that I should look up that (lowest) range, even though she is currently reading books that when I looked them up were orders of magnitude higher.

      • What is more likely for a test subject, who also read 5 Second Grade mClass Literacy Test books handed to her the same week, and met 5 of 6 Second Grade Literacy goals and also scored in the gifted range on the Cogat test?

      Pick just one. Guess if you don’t know the answer (One of the instruction for the MAP test. Given repeatedly, my daughter informed me.):

      a) She exists in 3 quantum states. The district should write up their findings immediately and apply for a Nobel Prize.

      b) The MAP test is accurate, she is a probably a 33 Lexile and should just go back to Kindergarten

      c) A seven year old child given three very long standardized tests in the same week exhibited signs of exhaustion, boredom, confusion and/or indifference on several questions, causing the MAP test to downgrade twice (every wrong question downgrades the difficulty) to Kindergarten and assigned her a Lexile score of 33, which is wrong.

      Ban this test in North Carolina.


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