Scottish Government: To drop all proposals to licence airguns in Scotland
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Scottish Government: To drop all proposals to licence airguns in Scotland

    1. David Ewing
    2. Petition by

      David Ewing

      Dumbarton, United Kingdom

This is yet another attack on law abiding shooters who have no desire to break the law or commit crimes in an attempt to be seen to be doing something about crime rather than tackling the root causes or correctly punishing wrong doers. It will only lead to people giving up their sports and hobbies due to increased expense and red tape. Shooting has come under constant attack in the past 30 years while there is absolutely no evidence to support that a licence and other more draconian restrictions will lower gun crime or violent crime however there is evidence to show a trend that increased firearm legislation coincides with increased gun crime and increased violent crime.

In summary the effect will either be negligible or lead to an increase in violent crime whilst penalising law abiding citizens and sports people.

Scottish Government
Scottish Conservatives, Political Party
Scottish Greens, Politcal Party
Scottish New Labour, Politcal Party
Scottish Liberal Democrats, Political Party
Scottish National Party, Political Party
Kenny MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary for Justice
To drop all proposals to licence air weapons in Scotland as it will have more effect on law abiding citizens than any criminals in society. It will also be a huge burden on police resources as well as the taxpayer.

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    1. Reached 20,000 signatures
    2. Petition submitted!

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Hi folks,

      The petition has been submitted and accepted by the Public Petitions Committee. It will be discussed on Tuesday the 3rd of September. I will be attending this meeting to help answer questions from the PPC. There should also be a few people from various shooting organisations attending with me.

      The meeting will be television on Scottish Parliaments webpage and will be available for future review. In the mean time if we can continue to gather signatures and try for 15,000 it always makes our case even stronger.

      Thanks Everyone.

    3. Reached 12,500 signatures
    4. DEADLINE!!!

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Hi Everyone,

      Just to let everyone know there will be a deadline of Friday the 8th of March.
      This deadline wont be the finish of the petition which I will keep running until the Scottish Government drop this foolish proposal. It is however the date when I will print of a hard copy of the petition to send in along with my response to the consultation. It is really important that in this final week we try to get as many signatures as we can.

      We have achieved a lot and I hope that we can all move on after this as one united voice that will campaign for recognition of gun owners rights in the whole of the UK.

      Thank you all for continuing to support us and for staying part of the discussion.

    5. Reached 10,000 signatures
    6. Some facts for everyone to mull over

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Hi again everyone.

      Following on from quotes from Kenny MacAskill that airgun offences are a significant problem in Scotland I done this quick calculation just to put it into perspective.

      195 airgun offences out of an estimated half a million in circulation = around 0.039%

      For comparisons sake there are
      2,600,000 cars registered in Scotland with 320,282 recorded offences which = around about 12.32%

      If this doesn't show what a pathetic waste of time this licence is I don't know what will.

    7. Please E-mail your MSPs

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Hello everyone,

      We are drawing a lot closer to the closing date and I will post an update soon as to the plan for the petition.

      I'd like to ask everyone to take the time now to E-mail their MSPs it will only take ten minutes and it will make them know there are a lot of people not happy about this. I doubt there are many people sending them e-mails asking them to be banned so please do this.

      Whatever party your MSP represents you should try and tailor the argument to suit their ideologies, i.e if it is labour they should be doing what they can to reduce the expense of shooting and making it easier for your average everyday law abiding person to participate.

      It would be great if you post your e-mails and replies on the facebook page so we can discuss them

      Thanks again everyone.

    8. Reached 7,000 signatures
    9. Good article

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Brought to my attention from anther site(not the one shown). It is by Mr Colin Greenwood a retired senior police officer.

      I know as law abiding citizens many of us aren't used to standing up against the authorities but trust me every single person who believes in liberty and who enjoys shooting needs to stand up now and be counted. We all need to tell our employees(Politicians) that we don't want them telling us what to do anymore and we do not want them to keep stripping away our rights.

      Everyone please write to your MP and MSP demanding change. Demand that they drop all proposals to licence airguns and if you are so inclined demand that they look to relaxing and making our gun laws fair and reasonable once more. Remember they work for us and are supposed to represent us not inflict their ignorant biased policies upon us.

    10. Reached 6,000 signatures
    11. 4,000 signatures overnight!!

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Fantastic. A big thank you to Conor and the BASC who made this possible. Please continue to talk to and E-mail your friends and families and gather as much support as you can. We are fighting not only for our rights but the rights of further generations. If we lost this it is very unlikely we will every get it back.

      Thank you again everyone.

    12. Reached 4,000 signatures
    13. 3,000!

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      3,000 signatures! Well done everyone.

      The Christmas/New Year period is over and everyone will be heading back to the grind so now is a good chance to start sending some emails with our petition and facebook to your friends and discussing with your co-workers we may find support we never knew we had.

      We have done really well to get this far and I thank everyone for their continued support and interest but we do have a long way to go to convince the Scottish Government(and any others thinking about this) that we are saying NO! and we will not stand for another vindictive attack on our pastimes or private lives.

    14. Reached 3,000 signatures
    15. Easier way to respond to the consulation

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Our good friends at the BASC have now made it even easier to respond to the consultation by using E-mail a link can be found below. It includes a template for you to fill out and the E-mail address you can send it to.

      Key Issues

      Scottish airgun licensing consultation - how to respond 4 January 2013 This is a briefing on how to respond by email to the Scottish airgun licensing consultation that closes on 15th March 2013. Responding to the consultation is one of three ways that you can help fight these plans.

    16. 2,500!

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks again to everyone for supporting this page we have done really well so far and I hope to see a second large influx very soon! However I'd like to ask you one more favour and that is to spread this message to any clubs or shooting organisations you are members off. We really need to unite at this time.

      The reason that governments have been able to pass unjust laws against shooting is because we are not united enough. Shotgun owners will keep quiet when they attack rifles in the hope that they wont be affected. Target shooters will keep quiet when stalkers or pest controllers are affected etc.

      We all need to unite as one voice and not just say no to more legislation but start to campaign for our laws to be relaxed. If we do not do this I think our sports will be dead within 20 years. We need to stop making concessions because every single one is a nail in the coffin. I can only reiterate that there is no evidence to prove our firearms legislation has made Britain safer but one c

    17. Reached 2,500 signatures
    18. Points for discussion. Please visit the Facebook page and join in.

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      I'd like to raise the issue of legal gun crime Vs illegal gun crime. Bear with me as it is quite long

      Everyone who is anti gun doesn't seem to understand the difference.

      Statistics show that the more firearms/defensive weapons(pepper spray tasers etc) in law abiding citizens hands corresponds with lower rape, burglary, mugging and violent crime.

      It also shows that with increasing legislation against firearms/ defensive weapons there has been increasing levels of firearms and violent crime.

      Throughout British history the vast majority of gun crime has been with illegally obtained firearms.

      People will say that if you ban firearms you will at least stop the people who may flip out and go on a rampage or domestic violence incidents.
      Wrong-It has been shown that if you remove firearms from domestic violence incidents a substitute is always found we should be looking at why and not how.
      As for all these people that go on a rampage I think banning the media from reporting it would go a

    19. Keep the momentum going!

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Just a wee message to all the airgun and firearm owners in the UK you are all able to sign the petition and send in a reply to consultation weather you are involved with pest control, hunt game, target shoot, plink or participate in airsoft activities we all need to unite under one voice and say NO! to this.

      Remember a lot of things are introduced in Scotland first then spread to the rest of the UK. Lets not get complacent Scotland England, NI and Wales we all need to let our voices be heard. Even if you are from abroad let your feelings on this known.

    20. 2,000!!

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      2,000 signatures in under a week everyone! Fantastic.

      Lets keep the momentum going if you know older people who would support this but don't have access to computers lets help them to get signed up!

      Remember this proposal also wants to ban plinking in your back garden. Another intrusion by government into your private property and private lives!

      I believe Mr MacAskill doesn't think that firearms and airguns should be seen in urban areas. It is this kind of thinking that is killing our sports because people are unfamiliar with our equipment and therefore fear it. I have no doubt this is his goal to further marginalise our sports and hobbies and to make it easier to pass their unfair legislations.

      Lets get 4,000 by next Friday!

      Please remember to visist the facebook page as it wil lfeature regular updates and comments.

    21. Reached 2,000 signatures
    22. Approaching 2,000

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks again to everyone for the support we are almost at another milestone but lets not slow down in the approach to Christmas. If you know people who would like to sign but don't have access to a computer perhaps you can let them borrow yours?

      We also now have a twitter

    23. Reached 1,500 signatures
    24. Well worth a read.

      David Ewing
      Petition Organizer

      The rather long article below from the UK parliament website is a history of firearms in the UK. I haven't been able to read right through it yet but from what I have read it seems to confirm several things.

      1,That we have a right to bear arms as said in the UK bill of rights.
      2.gun crime has always been low in Britain before and after increased gun control
      3, People who intend to commit murder in absence of a firearm will use something else.
      4, Gun legislation doesn't have much of an effect on lowering crime.

      There is a lot more interesting facts out there. Spread the word on this everyone it is an absolute bombshell they are admitting that the laws are pretty much useless and unjust! Save a copy to your hard drive in case it disappears soon.


    Reasons for signing

    • Stephen Fiorentini CABRICH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 2 days ago

      Charging law abiding people such as myself who have used airguns responsibly for many years will do nothing to fight illegal usage of any type of firearm.

      • 15 days ago

      Waste of time and money. law abiding people will be persecuted yet again and the law breakers will still break the law.

      • 17 days ago

      I don't want to see restrictions on my sport

      • 18 days ago

      Because I am a responsible air gun user who does not want to see responsible air gun users pay for the misdemeanour's of a minority.

      • 18 days ago

      I am a shotgun certificate holder and use my air rifle for vermin control in situations not suitable for shotgun use


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