Cyber Bullying by School Administrators is Unacceptable and Should Result in Immediate Termination
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School Board of Oconee County, SC
Walhalla High School Principal, Josh Young

Cyber Bullying by School Administrators is Unacceptable and Should Result in Immediate Termination

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On March 22, 2014, Walhalla High School's Assistant Principal Charles Fowler posted a photo to Facebook depicting a young girl at our local Wal-Mart with the caption, "Honey boo-boo at Walmart." Please note- the photo has been edited to afford privacy to the young girl, but in Charles Fowler's posting, the girl's face is completely viewable.

In today's society, bullying is a major issue within our schools. Parents are often concerned that their child will be bullied by their peers. However, in this case, the bully is in fact one of the very people in charge of discouraging the bullying. It is completely unacceptable for Charles Fowler, an administrator at Walhalla High School, to participate in this type of cyber bullying. 

Also concerning is Charles Fowler's complete lack of remorse for his actions. As you can see in the screenshots provided, Charles Fowler states "Come on, tell me you didn't get a laugh out of that" when someone commented on Facebook concerning his judgement in posting the picture.

The behavior exhibited on March 22, 2014 by Charles Fowler as he posted a derogatory statement along with the photo of a young girl on Facebook calls into question his morals, his judgement, his professionalism, and his ability to function as an administrator within our school system.

This behavior should not be tolerated. Charles Fowler should be terminated immediately.


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    • Chris Price SENECA, SC
      • 7 months ago

      Well, he resigned. I hate that one mistake ruined his career, but it was probably best for him in this situation.

    • Tara Melton WEST UNIóN, SC
      • 7 months ago

      Too many kids who are overweight get bullied. Aceptance is the key to Love. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. She is a goregeous child of God. The man needs to pay for breaking a child's spirit.

    • Teddy Towe WALHALLA S.C., SC
      • 7 months ago

      Because this man is a monster.With no leadership in our Schools esp.around children.Cyber-Bullying is wrong.And a crime.And he should go to jail.Period.The little girl is beautiful...

    • James Rogers WALHALLA, SC
      • 7 months ago

      I am so tired of bullies.

    • James Towe CIRCLE WALHALLA, SC
      • 7 months ago

      This is wrong!!And Fowler should be fired a.s.a.p.!!no pay.


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