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Do not change the school boundary lines in Fruita, Colorado

    1. Chandra Boulden
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      Chandra Boulden

      Fruita, CO

Our children’s education is of the upmost importance; they are the future of our society. Children need stability and consistency in order to thrive. A school is a community within a larger community, it takes time to meet people and build trusting relationships. If we change the environment and the people involved in our children’s education, our children and their education could suffer, especially if multiple changes are made at the same time. In order to create the best learning environment our children need to feel safe and secure.

In the interest of our children, it does not make sense to put them on buses and transport them seven to ten miles away from their neighborhood schools to different unknown community. Our children would be on the bus a minimum of 30-40 minutes a day, not counting the time spent stopping and letting children on and off the bus. The school day is already seven hours long, adding 30-40 minutes of extra time spent sitting on a bus to our children’s day is too much, especially for the younger ones. Additionally, this would add extra costs to a situation where money should be saved, not spent for both the school district and parents who choose to drive their own children to school.

I do not want my children moved from school to school throughout their elementary education experience. What may look good on paper to the school board right now can change in the future. This is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. I understand we cannot afford to build a new elementary school at this time, but until it is built I do not want my child attending a school outside of our community for the reason of overcrowding. The district can bring in modular classrooms or cut costs elsewhere; not at the expense of our children.

We need to remember our children and their education are the reasons we have schools. This should be our primary purpose. There are other ways to cut spending. We do not want the school boundaries changed in Fruita, and our children shuffled around. Please consider other options to cut money, as this idea does not encourage the best potential our children have.

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    1. Community Meetings April 23 and 24 @ 6 pm

      Chandra Boulden
      Petition Organizer

      On March 27 the school board had 3 different options regarding the school boundary line change. 1. Move the children from Fruita to Broadway Elementary in the Redlands. 2. Close Scenic Elementary 3. Move the children from Fruita to Loma Elementary. The school board decided to use the third option, busing the children on the southside of the interstate to Loma Elementary approximently 6 miles away. This will also require 100-200 students shifted from Rimrock Elementary to Shelledy Elementary. Which will actually put Shelledy Elementary much more over capacity and Rimrock under, thus not fixing the original problem of budget cuts.

      There will be two community meetings available to attend to voice your opinion. The first being at Shelledy Elementary Monday, April 23 at 6 pm and the second on Tuesday April 24 at Rimrock Elementary. This decision is not confirmed yet, there is time to affect this decision and our children's educational future.

      Thank you for your concern!

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    • Kandace Stehman FRUITA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      This is a long bus ride to and from school for children and these children who would now be going to the Redlands would have to make new friends when they reach Fruita Middle School.

    • Millie Carmosino FRUITA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      My Children just moved last year and are doing very well at Rim Rock and I do not want to uproot them again.

    • Suzan Williams FRUITA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      The School Board needs to look at other options for over crowding in Fruita like modular. Scenic needs to close and put the 100 neighborhood children at Broadway and let the remaining 93 children go to their own neighborhood schools. Fruita children need to remain in Fruita where they live.

    • Colleen Nycum FRUITA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      This would be the third school change for families in our neighborhood over the course of 8 or so years. It is so disruptive to the families and to children's learning.

    • April Munt SAINT GEORGE, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      As a teacher myself, I know how hard it can be on students when they are moved to a new school. I support finding another way to save money.


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