SB 104 to go to CA Assembly floor on May 16 anniversary of Maria Isavel's death

SB 104 to go to CA Assembly floor on May 16 anniversary of Maria Isavel's death

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Three years ago on May 16, 2008, the life of 17-year old Maria Isavel Vasquez Jimenez was tragically cut short when she died of heat stroke from laboring in the scorching grape vineyards near Stockton. In March of this year, the system again failed Maria and her family when the labor contractors who caused Maria's death escaped jail time, receiving merely probation, community service and a small fine.

Maria's family and farm workers in general are outraged. They know what this means for them. It means there is no justice in the fields, and that growers and contractors can continue to disregard the laws, even if that means farm workers die as a result. They want a solution where they can protect themselves as the system isn't going to do it for them.

The Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act (SB 104), is that solution. It will ensure the laws on the books do become the laws in the fields. This new law will make it as easier for farm workers to have a union and thus have the opportunity to speak up and protect themselves.

"The Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act" passed the senate on Cesar Chavez' March 31 birthday. It will be voted on the Assembly on the May 16th anniversary of Maria Isavel's death. Maria's family will be among the more than one hundred farm workers who will be in Sacramento to lobby for this bill.

Please join Maria's family in their struggle for justice for farm workers by e-mailing your Assembly person today.

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    3. Protect Farm Workers on Anniversary of 17-Year-Old Maria Isavel's Death

      Three years ago this coming Monday, 17-year-old farm worker Maria Isavel died of heat exhaustion. Her death was preventable. It resulted from cruel and inhumane work conditions -- hard labor under the hot California sun without water, shade, or rest...

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    • Mary Flynn SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      This beautiful young woman died tragically and unnecessarily. Her death must not be in vain. SB 104 will enable Farm Workers to unionize in order to protect themselves so that a tragedy such as Maria Isavel's is never repeated.


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