Say Thank You to Wisconsin's Democratic Senators for Standing Up for Working People
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Say Thank You to Wisconsin's Democratic Senators for Standing Up for Working People

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      Working America

The lives of working people in Wisconsin -- and around the country -- are being challenged like never before.

Governor Walker's elimination of collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin is the first salvo in a battle against our freedoms to advocate for ourselves on the job and to join together with other workers in an employee organization or union.

All working people deserve the opportunity for a good job, affordable health care, secure retirement and quality public education -- and collective bargaining is key to ensuring those opportunities.

Fourteen members of the Wisconsin State Senate stood up for the rights of working people. For nearly three weeks, the senators blocked a vote on Governor Walker's proposed budget cuts by leaving the state. These fourteen senators know how critical collective bargaining is to guaranteeing opportunity to working people and they took take drastic action to protect it.

Unfortunately, they could not protect collective bargaining rights for public employees. But because of them, Gov. Walker and the State Senate Republicans were forced to show their true colors by separating their attack on workers’ rights from the state budget.

Take action today and say thank you to the Wisconsin Senate Democrats for taking a bold stand for working people.

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    • Aaron Young SPARTA, WI
      • over 3 years ago

      THANK YOU for standing up the this dictator govenor and standing up for unions and workers rights. It was a hardship for you and I cannot thank you enough fior doing this. Goes to show this is not about the budget money but it's about shutting down unions and workers rights. THANK YOU to the nth degree.


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