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Say NO to Insurance Companies Being Included in Health Care Reform

    1. Christine Christian
    2. Petition by

      Christine Christian

      Jackson, WY

Our legislators in Washington are throwing around plans for Health Care Reform with a lot of useless rhetoric added to divert attention from what they're doing - again - which is subsidizing Insurance Companies instead of subsidizing the Health Care of Americans. 

This is a petition calling for each and every Senator and Congressman to disclose from whom and how much they have taken in dollar amounts or other "favors" from Insurance Companies, pharmaceutical companies, the Alcohol and Tobacco Industries, the American Medical Association and all other PACs, Lobbies or special interest groups with regard to Helath Care Legislation.  With this disclosure we will then be able to determine who has been bought off by these special interest groups and void their votes.

If you feel strongly as I do that Insurance Companies need to be legislated OUT of the health care industry (and maybe we can stop bailing them out) and institute a National Health Care Plan administered by a Government Agency similar to the Veterann's Hospitals and Medicare, please sign and send copies to as many people as you can.

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