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SAY NO TO Indiana Senate Bill 0089!
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Indiana Governor
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State Rep. Casey Cox
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State Sen. Dennis Kruse
Gov. Mike Pence

SAY NO TO Indiana Senate Bill 0089!

    1. patrick irwin
    2. Petition by

      patrick irwin

      griffith, IN


Creationism/Intelligent Design (ID) does not belong in the public school system. Creationism/ID is a tenet of the Christian religion. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.  Belief, or lack thereof is not at issue; what is at issue is the violation of the Constitution, specifically the Establishment Clause. The government is not supposed to endorse any religious views whatsoever. Creationism/ID is a way for religious institutions to say maybe science is wrong, and belongs in religious institutions, not in our public schools.  By allowing schools to teach creationism /ID, the State of Indiana is officially endorsing Christianity. In addition to being a direct violation of the Constitution of the United States, this is a direct violation of any public school student who does not adhere to the Christian faith.  If the State of Indiana passes Senate Bill 0089[i], it will be tantamount to the official state sponsored endorsement of Christianity. As a concerned citizen, I expect the government to defend the Constitution of the United States, and the rights of ALL of her citizens, rather than allowing the propagation of creation myths (and religious ideology) in our public schools.


  • * To argue Creationism/ID is an equal alternative to the Scientific Theory of Evolution is a fallacy of the greatest magnitude. 
  • * To say Creationism is a viable alternative to the theory of Evolution is equivalent to saying that the Sun revolves around the earth, instead of the Earth revolving around the Sun. 
  • * Creationism is designed to cast doubt upon the proven scientific theory of Evolution, and it is also a subtle assault on the scientific method. It is a Christian ideology, and has no place in our public classrooms or curriculums.  


In conclusion, this proposed legislation, in addition to being a blatant violation of the guaranteed separation between church and state, along with the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, is a direct violation of the rights of everyone who does not believe in the Christian idea of intelligent design. It is discriminatory and scientifically unsound. I strongly urge the Indiana State Legislature to review the precedent-setting cases; Edwards v. Aguillard[ii], as well as Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District[iii].


We, the undersigned, ask that you stop this dangerous piece of legislation, which can serve only to create a crack in the wall that provides the freedoms our nation’s founders fought for, and created this great nation based upon.


Thank you.  


[i] http://www.in.gov/legislative/bills/2012/IN/IN0089.1.html

[ii] http://laws.findlaw.com/us/482/578.html                                          

[iii] http://www.pamd.uscourts.gov/kitzmiller/kitzmiller_342.pdf



Indiana Governor
Indiana State Senate
Indiana State House
State Rep. Robert Behning, Indiana-091
State Rep. Casey Cox, Indiana-085
State Sen. Earline Rogers, Indiana-003
State Sen. Dennis Kruse, Indiana-014
Gov. Mike Pence, Indiana
I just signed the following petition addressed to: State of Indiana.

Veto SB0089

I am asking that you sign this petition so that this dangerous piece of legislation will be halted. SB89 can serve only to create a crack in the wall that provides the freedoms our nation’s founders fought for, and created this great nation based upon.


Sean Irwin

[Your name]

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    • Francis Carolfi DREXEL HILL, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Like the founding fathers, I believe that church and state should be separate.

    • Kiam Whitfield SUMTER, SC
      • over 2 years ago

      Creation "Science" is not science. It provides no irrevocably, empirical, peer-reviewable evidence and is just a "Creationist" agenda that violates the separation of church and state as follows in the US constitution. I am a South Carolinian, but I join this fight against this legislative bill because it is not right. What happened to this country? We are going backwards! As Americans, did we not leave a corrupt monarch in favor of freedom of (and from) religious dogma? There are already established institutions for this type of affiliation! Why public school systems? There are many applications the church has already snared/infiltrated with their obstructive, bias influence. Should we teach creation as a part of the scientific curriculum, we overturn all accepted, investigative, scientific inquires, and yearnings of a curious society that actually wants to know WHO and WHAT we really are instead of so-called creation science where we proportionately wrap conformist, religious beliefs into already established scientific fields which were until now, not threatened and never interdependent of religious ideology. Will students in a classroom like "Intelligent design" look at something we currently do not fully understand and not receive encouragement to investigate previous claims and potentially debunk all our priors notions about ourselves and our place in this (known) universe? If Intelligent Design (aka abrasive theology) is considered a science, then what is the weigh of science anymore? What would be the weigh of the National Science Foundation be if "God did it" became a slogan and we don't encourage students alike to understand the world around us by means outside archaic abstraction? A different perspective of the human origins? Poppycock!

    • Sid Science JUPITER, FL
      • over 2 years ago
      • over 2 years ago

      Although I am a Christian I stongly disagree with requiring creationism be taught in public schools. I do not pay taxes in order for religious education to be taught in the schools. Parents should be teaching creationism at home if they disagree with evolution's concepts.

    • Jeff Stapleton CENTENNIAL, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      Creationism/Intelligent Design (ID) is not science, therefore should not be tought in a public school science class.


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