Save The Sacred Headwaters of Northern British Columbia – Reduce Global Warming
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Hon. Steve Thomson

Save The Sacred Headwaters of Northern British Columbia – Reduce Global Warming

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      Klabona Keepers

The Sacred Headwaters of Northern British Columbia, in western Canada, is an unspoiled natural region, unique in the world.  The Sacred Headwaters and the Tahtlan people,whose livelihood and culture depend upon the natural environment there, are under threat of permanent harm, by the activities of mining companies and the failure of the provincial government to ensure protection of the region. 

The most serious threat now is a proposal by Fortune Minerals to level Mt. Klappan in the Sacred Headwaters, by open-pit coalmining, not only destroying local natural environments by the excavation of a massive coal bed, but also releasing a vast quantity of coal to be burned by industry and so to contribute greatly to the accumulation of Greenhouse Gases in Earth’s atmosphere and further aggravate already serious conditions of Global Warming.  The coal bed deposit under Mt. Klappan has been described as one of the largest coalbeds remaining on Earth – All the More Reason to Leave It Buried!  No good can come from such a harmful industry, but great harm is inevitable if it is not stopped.

The Sacred Headwaters has been compared to the Serengeti Plains of Africa, for the importance of its natural, unspoiled, and unique biological diversity.  The region is of such importance that there have been calls to designate it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 The Sacred Headwaters is the shared birthplace of three of B.C.’s most important wild salmon rivers: the Skeena, the Nass and the Stikine. This remote alpine basin in northern B.C. is home to grizzly bears, wolves, moose, caribou, mountain sheep and other mammals that are part of the Spatsizi ecosystem, one of the largest intact predator-prey systems anywhere in North America. It is also home to the Tahltan First Nations, whose people have hunted and trapped in the Sacred Headwaters for millennia. - Sierra Club of BC (

Protection of the Sacred Headwaters is vital to maintaining abundant ecosystems throughout the vast watersheds of the three rivers, the Skeena, Nass, and Stikine, from the interior plateau,  down through hundreds of miles of river systems, to the North Pacific Coast of both Canada and Alaska (USA).  Thousands of people, in many communities, depend for their health and livelihood upon the natural stability of those rivers and watersheds. The beautiful, pristine Sacred Headwaters is the source and the heart of those biological and economic systems.

In the past, the Sacred Headwaters have been threatened by companies like Royal Dutch Shell, that wanted to drill thousands of Fracking wells there, to extract coal-bed methane from the region.  However, after determined opposition by the Tahltan and their supporters world-wide, Shell agreed to leave the area, and the Government of British Columbia promised to ban all other oil and gas companies from the Sacred Headwaters and guaranteed that further protection of the area would be discussed.

However, the Sacred Headwaters is at risk again: Fortune Minerals, a mining company, is drilling test wells there, with the consent of the BC Government, towards developing a massive 4,000 hectare open-pit coal mine on Mt. Klappan, a sacred and vital hunting ground on Tahltan territory. The project plan includes building 147 kilometers of railway through the headwaters to export the coal, and a 112-km power line linking the mine to the Northwest Transmission Line, a controversial project funded by the BC government, already drastically over-budget.

The Tahltan and their supporters have stopped harmful developments in the Sacred Headwaters before, and there is urgent need now, and they are determined to do it again.

Stand up and support the Tahltan in their campaign to protect the Sacred Headwaters for the benefit of all people, for generations to come.

Sign the petition and make your voice heard -  That we will not sit idly by while injustice takes place, and while a world-unique natural region is destroyed forever by greed for short term profits, through industry that would do permanent harm to a natural region unique in the world, and that would contribute vastly to the increasingly serious threat of Global Warming to environments and communities the world over. 

For further information: and Facebook: Klabona Keepers 

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    1. Shut Down Imperial Metals' Red Chris Mine!

      Dear Friends,

      Thank you for signing our petition, supporting us Klabona Keepers protecting our territories, including the Sacred Headwaters, in Northern British Columbia. We are writing to you now with an update and an urgent call for further support.

      You might know about the Mt. Polley tailings pond breach in June of this year, on Secwepemc territory, near Quesnel, BC. The government of British Columbia failed to enforce its own regulations when problems with the dam were reported long time ago. When that dam broke, the flood of toxic chemicals and sludge from that mine destroyed lands and forest for miles downstream. Imperial Metals still is not cleaning up that spill, and now it continues to contaminate the major salmon-bearing river system downstream – including the Fraser River.

      Imperial Metals, the same company responsible for the Mt. Polley disaster, is building the Red Chris mine in Tahltan territory, with a tailings pond of the same design as the one that broke down at Mt. Polley.

      A breach at Red Chris would send toxic waste downstream through chains of lakes and rivers to the major Salmon-bearing watershed of the Stikine River and through South-east Alaska (the 'Panhandle') and into the North Pacific Ocean. We, and many other people, depend on the health of the Stikine river and forest for our fish and our meat; it is very important part of our culture, that we pass on to our children and to our grandchildren.

      People and the government of Alaska also are concerned about the risk of water contamination from Red Chris and damage to coastal fisheries.
      ( )

      Right now, Klabona Keepers and supporters are blockading the entrances to Red Chris Mine; we are demanding that Red Chris mine be shut down. Imperial Metals has applied for a court injunction to have our blockade removed, so they can continue their mining activities, threatening the land, the lakes and rivers, the salmon, and our way of living. That application will be heard in court in Vancouver, BC, on Wednesday, October 8/14 at 10:00am.

      In September 2005, Tahltan Elders were arrested in the struggle to prevent Fortune Minerals’ from destroying Klappan Mountain for an open pit coal mine, threatening the Sacred Headwaters of the Stikine, Skeena, and Nass Rivers. Our Elders were arrested then when an RCMP injunction was granted against our blockade. This could happen again, tomorrow – Tahltan people might be arrested for protecting our un-ceded lands (legally our land to protect, by Royal Proclamation, 1763) from permanent harm by an irresponsible mining company, Imperial Metals.

      Our supporters in Vancouver and in Victoria, BC are organizing rallies, at the Vancouver Court House, and at the BC Legislature, to show support for Klabona Keepers, and for the need for safe mining practices in BC, and the need for government monitoring and enforcing its own regulations.

      Please see the event pages on Facebook:
      Vancouver Court House:
      Victoria BC Legislature:

      Please see our webpage at:
      and our Facebook page: , including ways you can support us in protecting this very special region in our world environment. .

      Also, please show your support for us by phoning and writing to these people as soon as possible, and telling them your concerns:

      Government of British Columbia:
      Hon. Christy Clark, Premier
      Constituency Office: 250 768-8426; Fax: 250 768-8436
      Victoria Office: 250 387-1715; Toll Free: 1 (800) 663-7867 (ask for Hon. Christy Clark's office); Fax: 250 387-0087
      Hon. Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines
      Constituency Office: Toll Free: (866) 417-6022; Fax: (250) 417-6026
      Victoria Office: (250) 387-5896; Toll Free: 1 (800) 663-7867 (ask for Hon. Bill Bennett's office); Fax: (250) 356-2965
      Hon. John Rustad, Minister of Aboriginal Relationships and Reconciliation
      Constituency Office: Toll Free: (877) 964-5650; Fax: (250) 567-6822
      Victoria Office: (250) 953-4844; Toll Free: (800) 663-7867 (ask for Hon. John Rustad's office)

      Imperial Metals:
      Brian Kynoch, President,
      Pierre Lebel, Chairman, Board of Directors,
      Imperial Metals Corporation
      580 Hornby Street, Suite 200
      Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3B6
      Phone: (604) 669-8959

      Medu (Thank you). We are strong, as we stand together.

      (for) Rhoda Quock, Klabona Keepers
      email: or

      Red Chris Mine

      The Red Chris Mine is an open-pit copper and gold mine in British Columbia, in the Stikine River watershed. Although the mine is not operational at the time of writing, Imperial Metals Corporation is currently completing construction this year. The mine is scheduled to begin operations in 2015.

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    3. David Suzuki: Tahltan's Sacred Headwaters defence has deep roots

      Dear Friends,

      Please see the commentary attached here, posted today (Sept 17/13) by Dr. David Suzuki.

      Thank you for your support in this important campaign. After less than 24 hours on-line, we have gathered more than 150 signatures.

      A reminder: As you forward the petition to more friends and colleagues, the more the support multiplies, and the stronger will be the message, especially to the Government of BC and to company executives. Our publicity will inform shareholders that investments in companies that would intrude in Tahltan lands without Tahltan consent will be losing investments.

      On behalf of Klabona Keepers - the Tahtlan Elders and their families st Beauty Camp, Mt. Klappan, Sacred Headwaters, BC:

      'Me Du' [Thank you].

      David Suzuki: Tahltan's Sacred Headwaters defence has deep roots

      Few places on our planet have been unaffected by humans. Satellite images taken from hundreds of kilometres above Earth reveal a world irrevocably changed by our land use over just the past few decades.

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    Reasons for signing

      • 8 days ago

      Preserving our natural heritage is a duty for us, who are just passing on this earth!!

      • 9 days ago


    • Krista Jorgensen NANAIMO DISTRICT, CANADA
      • 10 days ago

      We all live downstream!

    • Barbara Kohlman CUNDUACáN, MEXICO
      • 11 days ago

      We cannot eat, drink and breathe money. Why don't the corporations realize that. ??

    • Karen Nystrom THUNDER BAY, CANADA
      • 13 days ago

      Water, land - nature is life. Life is necessary - mining and resource extraction is not.


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