Save the Pink Lego's! Pro-Choice on Lego colors!
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Save the Pink Lego's! Pro-Choice on Lego colors!

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Dear Indignant Women with Entirely Too Much Time on your Hands:

It has recently come to light that the release of a children's toy custom tailored to the desires and wishes of a specific demographic with whom the product had not previously been popular has so offended a couple of women that they've launched an online petition to have the toy pulled from the marketplace. And they've found 47,000+ (& counting) others who agree with them.

What, prey tell could possibly be so horrible as to garner mainstream media coverage and inspire roughly 50,000 supporters?

Is it a design defective crib killing babies?

Maybe lead paint & arsenic covered Chinese pacifiers?

Perhaps the infuriatingly obnoxious giant purple dinosaur Barney show is set for a relaunch?

None of those. It's actually pink Legos.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Lego company has released a new line of toys for girls which are pink, and that infuriated a couple of women so much, they went and launched an online campaign to have the product discontinued.

Now Lego is a pretty conservative company, so I'm reasonably sure this isn't a publicity stunt on their part. From what I could tell, they tried to figure out why Legos weren't as popular with girls as they are with boys, so they went and did a market study. That means they gathered up a bunch of girls, asked them what they'd like to play with, developed a product according to their wishes, most likely went through several variations according to the feedback, and voila! Here's a toy bespoke for the intended customer, exactly as ordered. And some women got their panties in a bunch as a result.

Now I'm not going to get into countering all the usual feminist rhetoric on sexism, or gender identity, or chauvinism. They're all preposterous and any cited "research", such that it is, supporting these theories are all unfounded, based on fundamentally flawed methodology, and underwritten by feminist PAC's intended to support their radical ideologies. They're entirely baseless and without merit, thus not worthy of dignifying with a response. However, I will make a far more simple argument. One that is based on the fundamental American value of choice.

If you don't like these toys, don't buy them. Simple as that.

This country was founded on principles of freedom; of religion, speech, expression, and consumer choice. It's a wonderful thing to be able to exercise all of those rights we're privileged to enjoy. As evidenced by the sales success of pink Legos, the vast majority in this country are emotionally healthy and mature enough to make their own consumer decisions with little regard for hysterics.

What concept exactly is defined by the imposition of minority volition in defiance of majority will?


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    • Amber Brouillette LAS VEGAS, NV
      • almost 2 years ago

      The purpose of boy and girl toys is so me have masculine and feminine adults. Toys mold people from the beginning as to who they are in the future.

    • Lorie Blaine RICHMOND, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Stephanie Cole and Bailey Shoemaker-Richards have gone too far!!! Children should be able to decide whether they want to play with a toy or not (assuming that it is safe). The new lego friends would have been perfect for my daughter. She loves building stuff. She has a few sets from lego -- mostly houses and the dragons, but the rest of lego that was affordable, simply was not appealing to her. We did get her the Green Grocer and it set us back a couple of hundred bucks. The Lego Friends would have been perfect for her. She could have built houses for her littlest pet shop pets.

      Ms. Cole and Ms. Shoemaker... BUTT THE HECK OUT OF THIS.

    • Nadine Lee AARHUS, DENMARK
      • over 2 years ago

      I love Fashion! And I love fashionable toys - I do not want to miss them - I love the colours of the world and support the beauty of life role play!

    • Wesley Rocha RIVERSIDE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      From my understanding

      they send researchers to live with families and they came to that conclusion. Meanwhile all this time my wife and daughter have complained about the lack of girl themed Legos to play with my son. They like the fancier girl Legos and like to combine sets daughter enjoys creating storylines.and wants to get the building prt over with..she likes building..but is more in a hurry to start playing the storyline. These are a brilliant idea from lego and the bottom line is not enough girls buy the current Lego sets...and when they do...they are still playing story barbies and dollhouses and such.

      • over 2 years ago

      Throughout the UK there is a chain of stores called 'mothercare', a nursery retailer. Whilst setting about anti-sexist campaigns perhaps these 50,000 sensitive souls could turn their attentions to 'mothercare' and picket outside the stores demanding they open stores called 'fathercare', or perhaps rebrand to 'parentcare' , whilst introducing images of caring fathers on their website!! Anti-sexism goes both ways pettle!!


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