Save the McKinley Mosaic Mural
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Save the McKinley Mosaic Mural

    1. Dawn  James
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      Dawn James

      Altadena, CA

Due to current construction plans, the McKinley Mosaic Mural created in 2006 by over 700 McKinley students and acclaimed artist Jose Antonio Aguirre is at risk of being destroyed.  Please support our efforts to have PUSD save the mural during the much needed construction scheduled for our school.  This piece of artwork is not only important to our school community, but represents the diversity of our community and a commitment to music and arts focused public education.

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    2. The mural is at risk plans call for its destruction!

      Dawn  James
      Petition Organizer

      Despite agreements and plans set forth last year in meetings between District representatives, concerned community members and the artist, the District is planning on destroying the mural created by over 750 students. Those seeking to save the mural are exploring legal, historical, art, and press options. If you care about preserving the largest mural ever created and recognized in an international mosaic forum (, please make your voice heard!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Kris Wildman BURBANK, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      As a former San Gabriel Valley resident and a performing artist who also teaches and believes in involvement with education, I believe this very cool piece of public art is hugely important as a symbol of community and students entwined in involvement in their own future.

    • Carol Ciminelli DUARTE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      School district should give the artist the $50K and they would save $100K - do the math! Unbelievable that the school district would discover their mistake! Shame on them!!

    • Laura Monteros ALTADENA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      This mural is the creation of a renowned artist and the children and parents of the school. Murals are protected in California. The PUSD is making an ill-judged decision, one that is devastating to the children and sends a terrible message about a school's place in their lives.

    • Jose Antonio Aguirre PASADENA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      With great sorrow, I have received a letter from PUSD in which they are giving me 90 days notice to remove the mural at my own expense!!!!! This is not just a slap on the face, for the over 500 hours of my time that I donated to this project, but also to the creative efforts of our children. It is clear that the current leadership does not care and would not support the Arts... and we wonder why our public education system is in such stage of mediocrity...

      • over 2 years ago

      Aside from the extensive research backing the significant importance of maintaining an aesthetically creative ambiance in places of learning, it is no question that this particular mural holds value with the students and local Pasadena community. While it is not likely that the Pasadena School District is looking to destroy art or to obliterate a sentimental masterpiece, it is clear that administrative decision makers have yet to set a fine example of community collaboration and collective problem solving so as to maintain cohesiveness and mutual respect with its patrons. Interestingly enough, these are some of the most powerful life skills that students acquire when immersed in arts integrated educational programs... the very programs for which we will continue to advocate until widespread understanding, consensus and common practice is attained... and has proliferated.


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