Save the Lions!
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Save the Lions!

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Lions are endangered, there's no legitimate doubt about that. Requirements for meeting the international definition for endangerment are clear, and if anything, very conservative (look up CITES for more info). The very steep decline in lion population in recent years has been unknown to most Americans in particular, for a simple reason; wealthy special interests based in the U.S. are the primary cause of poaching and killing wild lions, having doubled the number of lion "trophies" imported to the U.S. in less than 10 years. Major wildlife non-profits have been trying to have African lions listed under the ESA because the U.S. is by far the largest market and destination for lion "trophy" parts, and they continue to be blocked by the tiny, very wealthy "trophy" hunting organizations. Listing under the Endangered Species Act would criminalize the importation, effectively ending the reason for the "canned hunts" and poaching. This is considered by wildlife scientists to be the most essential action possible to stop the population decline and save lions from extinction.

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    2. Huffington Post On Stopping the Killing

      L M
      by L M
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      In wonderful news, Huffington Post says the lions are a step closer to the ESA protection they so desperately need: "Recently, embattled African lions took one step closer to receiving much-needed protections from American trophy hunters still eager to kill them despite their dwindling numbers in the wild."

      Check it out and share:

    3. The Guardian Covers the Lions' Endangerment & Need to Stop the Killing

      L M
      by L M
      Petition Organizer

      Today the newspaper widely considered the world's best, the UK Guardian, posted an article about how dangerous the lions' plight is now - with this advice to save them: "Conservation must start with halting targeted killings."
      Check it out, here:

      African lions - the killer kings in mortal danger from man and sham medicine

      In 2002, I spent 10 days in Kenya. I'll never forget lying in a tent on the Maasai Mara trying to sleep against the awful, blood-curdling roar of lions hunting on the moonlit plains. I would wake every hour, swearing a beast was at my door.


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