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Save the Internet!

    1. East Central College Public Speaking Class 2012
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      East Central College Public Speaking Class 2012

      Union, MO


Stop discrimination of our internet by ISPs; Advocate network neutrality!!

Network neutrality advocates no restrictions by internet service providers. With net neutrality, there is no discrimination between small companies and larger companies and content on the internet is not limited by the provider of that internet.

To put it simply, net neutrality is a free and open internet the way we have grown to love. Free of the chains that larger corporations wish to put on it.

Large companies (such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast) could discriminate what and how we view the internet for their own personal gain. Without network neutrality they will hold the power to choose the content we see and at what speeds in order to remove their competition and promote companies they choose.

With network neutrality, we can view websites the way they were intended by their creators.

This petition is to be sent to the FCC and the US Senate with the intention to let them know the importance of Network Neutrality on the public’s freedoms both at home and economically so that when given the choice they will vote in favor of our FREEDOMS and pass "REAL" Network Neutrality regulations!




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    • Zao . HOLTS SUMMIT, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      Network neutrality is basically our freedom on the internet...

      Imagine your internet provider having their own social network site load fast while purposefully making places like facebook load super slow... or possibly even an advertisement for their site load before the site you want to goto... or making certain content just not show up all together because it helps their affiliates and puts money in their pockets...

      Without network neutrality companies that provide us with internet would be able to filter the internet anyway they want so that they profit and we lose out on an open and free content internet that we all know... many companies have already stated intentions of doing so...

      These regulations are in jeopardy and some of them not even being fully enforced in places such as wireless internet (cell phones). The FCC needs to be given more power to enforce TRUE network neutrality...


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