Save The Frogs, Ban Atrazine!
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Save The Frogs, Ban Atrazine!

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      Save the Frogs

Frogs in the United States and worldwide are rapidly disappearing. Atrazine is one of the USA’s most commonly used pesticides: over 80 million pounds of it were used on American crops last year, primarily corn, sugar, rice, and sorghum. Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor that can turn male frogs into females at concentrations as low as 2.5 parts per billion. Atrazine causes cancer in laboratory mammals and developmental problems in fish, and has been banned in Europe since 2004. Atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide in USA’s rainwater, groundwater and tapwater. Atrazine is produced by Syngenta, the world’s largest pesticide company, based in Switzerland – a country where Atrazine is illegal. Atrazine is the 21st Century’s DDT! Let’s get it banned!

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    • Linda Haviland CHARLESTOWN, RI
      • over 2 years ago

      Save the Frogs!

    • Jane Alexander SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      For the frogs!

    • Louise Lang REDDING, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing this petition because use of toxins is way out of control - and results of their use are disastrous. We need to hold corporate America responsible for its products.

    • John Lyons MARTLON, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      We inhibit natures ability to take care of itself be altering the very creatures who do naturally what these chemicals do. But sooner or later these chemicals won't work as the insects adapt and we're left without nature because we killed that too.

    • Marguerite White LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 3 years ago

      Atrazine is the 21st Century’s DDT! Let’s get it banned! Save the frogs as they are disapearing in USA and worldwide.

      They will be extinct if nothing is done and our environment will die if species that need forests are dying through poisoning pesticides. Atrazine is the 21st Century’s DDT! Let’s get it banned! please sign and share


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