Save the Ban on Plastic Bags in Santa Cruz
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Save the Ban on Plastic Bags in Santa Cruz

    1. Miriam Gordon
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      Miriam Gordon

      San Francisco, CA

Single use plastics are filling inland and ocean waters with plastics that never disappear. Plastic pollution harms wildilfe and increases chemical pollution in the marine food chain. It is becoming ubiquitous in waters around the world. Solutions include replacing disposable products with re-usable ones. That's why it's important to protect the progress that has been made by local actions to ban disposable plastic bags. In California, Santa Cruz County is one of 17 jurisdictions that have banned the bag ( ONE pro-plastic advocate has been suing local government to try to block progress on bag bans (Stephen Jones- Save the Plastic Bag). His actions have resulted in delay and increased spending by local government but have none of his lawsuits has been successful. Now he's trying to weaken the Santa Cruz ban by cutting a deal with County not to sue as long as they remove restaurants from the plastic bag ban. If the County caves to his deal-making, it won't just weaken the Santa Cruz bag ban, it will open the floodgate for similar actions around the country. Learn more:

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    • Miriam Gordon SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      We have to protect progress made by local government to end our addiction to disposable plastics.


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