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Save The Altar Girls

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Banning girls from the altar is quickly becoming an epidemic in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.  In the past few months, Fr. John Lankeit of Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix, Ariz., and Fr. Michael Taylor of Corpus Christi Catholic Mission in South Riding, Va., have prohibited girls from serving on the altar in their parishes. 

In 1994, the Roman Catholic Church officially permitted female altar servers. There is no restriction in Canon Law for women to help at the altar during the liturgy. However, in fear that the girls may one day aspire to the priesthood, a growing number of priests are barring girls from serving in their churches.

Women comprise at least 80 per cent of church lay ministers, and they are the backbone of most parishes around the world. Denying young girls leadership roles in the Church is an early lesson in discrimination that the Catholic Church cannot afford to teach.  


We, the following, call for an end to the disgraceful backlash and prohibition of altar girls in our communities and churches. We remind church leaders that women and girls are created equal by God, and the refusal to permit girls from serving on the altar is nothing more than the manifestation of sexism within our church.


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    • Antoinette Stirling RICHMOND HILL, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is important to me because Canon Law has no restriction for women to help at the altar during liturgy. Therefore, I can only deduce that the church is afraid that girls might aspire to be priests, thus the reason for prohibiting them from serving during Mass.

    • Fran Asbeck BOYDS, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm a 74 year old male who supports the altar girls, the LCWR, and women'sd ordination. So there, I dare the bishops to come get me!

    • Laura Eager WASHINGTON, DC
      • over 2 years ago

      Although I am not Catholic, I am familiar with the teachings of this denomination as I have attended Catholic schools for 7 years. I disagree with much of what the Church teaches. In particular, I am VERY passionate about women's ordination so of course I will support altar girls.

    • Maria Espirito Santo PEMBROKE PINES, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Gender discrimination/exclusion etc. is just another tool to devaluate a human person, one might as well put chains around their ankles or force them to cover their faces . My mother was not allowed to learn to read or write when she was young growing up in Portugal in a small town, right next to Fatima. In 1917, during the apparitions, our most Blessed Mother asked Lucia to learn to read and write so she could pass on our Lady's messages. It would seem that the most important message was that our Mother church wanted women to be fully included truth givers. It is the responsibility of our Church to set the example for the world, to make whole our divisions. May the love of Christ heal us all and may the Holy Spirit inspire all our actions. Ave Maria.

    • Alice M. Anderson STOCKTON, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because I am a 91 year old Protestant and want to see all my Catholic sisters enjoy the freedom of or from religion for myself. I have chosen to walk side by side with Jesus the Christ for as many years as I have left. God is smiling as we walk together and someday all female Catholics will also walk with us!


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