Save Substance Abuse Treatment in California

Save Substance Abuse Treatment in California

    1. Luis  Lozano
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      Luis Lozano

      San Pedro, CA

Substance abuse treatment and prevention is under funded.  We are facing the elimination of Propostion 36 (The Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act 2000) this year.  This historic act was passed overwhelmingly by the voters of California.  It provided for treatment instead of incarceration for thousands of Californians and it has proven to be successful and cost effective.  Treatment is an effective way of reducing crime, it costs less to treat someone than it does to send them to jail or prison; it produces clean and sober individuals who then become tax paying citizens; it reduces health care and public assistance costs.  For every dollar invested in treatment we save $7.  Most important it saves lives, families and communities from the devastation of drug abuse and alcoholism.  Estimates are that one in ten people suffer from alcoholism or an addiction and that every addict affects 10 others directly.  By offering treatment we help reduce the negative effects of this disease and its' effect on society. 

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