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This week the California Legislature will vote on the state budget, including Governor Brown’s proposal to eliminate funding for a second year of high school science in California schools. 

In the complex and sometimes heated debate about public education reform, there is clear consensus on one issue: improving science and mathematics education is crucial to our ability to compete in a global economy.   

That’s why a 1983 law requires California high school graduates to complete two years of science, matching the requirement for entry to the California State University or University of California systems.  After nearly 30 years, an obscure detail in Governor Brown's budget proposal could eliminate funding for this mandate and allow high schools to stop offering a second year of science.

If approved, California would be the only state in the nation that effectively requires students to take only one year of high school science to graduate. 

Does this make sense to anyone?

The U.S. already lags far behind China and South Korea, and trails most developed nations in science proficiency, resulting in an education gap that Education Secretary Arne Duncan dubbed “an absolute wake-up call.”

Within the United States, California students rank near the bottom among states in science scores. This is unacceptable given California’s heritage as a world leader in science, engineering and technology – the fields that created Silicon Valley and the technology we can’t live without, enable Hollywood to entertain the world, and help farmers from the Central Valley to Imperial Valley feed and clothe our nation.

Today, despite high unemployment, employers are unable to fill jobs in science, technology, engineering and math fields (STEM). Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates STEM jobs will be among the fastest growing. By 2018 California will need science-savvy graduates to fill more than one million STEM jobs, by far the most of any state. 

Without question, the Governor’s proposal would have devastating and long-term negative impacts on California students, especially for those from poor and disenfranchised communities. It would also jeopardize the ability of our students and companies to compete globally. 

When it comes to science education, California’s students deserve visionary, future-oriented policies, not a misguided decision that moves us 30 years backwards.  

Say NO to Governor Brown's proposal to roll back funding of science education and help ensure our children have the science skills necessary to compete in a global marketplace!


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    1. California Governor Preserves High School Science Funding in State Budget

      Dear Friends,

      Thank you! With your support, we were able to save science funding for California's students in the budget signed this week by Governor Jerry Brown. Together, we made a statement to our state leaders that all students should have access to advanced science courses in high school. California's status as a world leader in scientific discovery and innovation was at stake, and you responded.

      We encourage you to thank your state leaders for saving high school science and to let them know why you support STEM education and how critical it is to our students' and state's future. Thanks again for your support on this critical issue.

      Yours in STEM,

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    • Rachael Black RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Our students are behind other countries in their understanding of physics, chemistry and background knowledge for technology and engineering. I believe another year of science should be added to the requirement to graduate. I believe all students should have 2 years of physical science.

    • Christine McLeod TEMECULA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      A second year of science is crucial for our students to get.

    • Barry Dunk LEBANON, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      We all need to support science.

    • Spencer Pforsich MCFARLAND, WI
      • over 2 years ago

      As the son of a public high school science teacher, and as a classroom teacher myself, I know how crucial it is that our students learn the skills of inquiry and critical problem solving that are taught in science classes. Having come up in California schools, I have watched the gradual decline of our state from what was once one of the best in the country. This proposal is just more evidence of the wrong-headed direction in which California lawmakers have sent us for decades, and it mustn't pass!

    • Jane Strayhorn RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Think of the innovations of the last 50 years Where we would be without science?Caifornia will never recognize its potential if we continue down this path.


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