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Save Our Economy

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      Citizens To Save Our Economy

      Portland, OR

Help Stimulate the Economy and Create millions of jobs, simply by signing your name!

Put your name on this petition to get the Congress and the President to implement a National One - Year Mortgage Holiday, plus rent relief now!

With your signature, tell Congress and the President:

That it should declare a one year moratorium on regular mortgage payments on all residential, commercial, industrial and farm loans.

Place a one year moratorium on all foreclosures.

Protect the lenders and mortgage holders with Federal funds by paying each an estimated average, interest-only, monthly payment (not to exceed 6%).

With the lenders protected, this one-year-time-out from mortgage payments will instantly empower millions of American families and businesses to divert their monthly mortgage payment money directly into their own personal and business accounts to spend, save, invest, or reduce debt, including paying off credit card debt.

It is conservatively estimated that such a Mortgage Holiday and Renters relief 38% rebate plan would infuse approximately $100 billion per month into the national economy ... a huge, immediate economic stimulus for the entire country!

At the end of the year with the economy roaring again, regular monthly mortgage payments would resume as normal, except each mortgage term would be lengthened by one year ... a twenty- five year mortgage becomes a twenty-six year mortgage.

That’s it in a nutshell. If the National Mortgage Holiday Plan makes sense to you, then please sign this petition to tell our elected representatives in Congress who have wasted our tax dollars on Wall Street bailouts and other failed porkulus exercises in crony capitalism, that now is the time to help Main Street with the National Mortgage Holiday and Renters relief plan, the original, fair, and right approach to job creation and a robust economy.

Note: The One Year Mortgage Holiday is the key component of a 9-Point Economic Recovery & Jobs Plan detailed at

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    • Timothy Paich LOVELADIES, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      This could help the poor and keep more and more people from going poor. The recession we're facing now could go worse than the great depression or be just as bad.

      This is to help with the economic downturn. I have a petition below that’s for the economy and ridiculous gas prices and other things affecting us. Let’s sign mine. I need 1,000 signatures in total.

      We should also take a stand against greed. I blamed it all on high gas prices for driving schools on waiting lists. It's common sense for first time learners for driving to have behind the wheel for car insurance reduction and most important safety of learning.

      We are taking stands against greed as well. You people who signed this petition should sign mine if you haven't. The author of this petition should sign mine on the link as well if haven’t.

    • Michael Itatani VANCOUVER, WA
      • almost 3 years ago

      One of the best ideas I have heard, as the economy needs help now before it is too late and this an excellent plan to solve the problem.

    • Linda Burt LINCOLN CITY, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      Believe the people should be bailed out as the banks were.


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