Save Mother's Beach
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Michael Tripp
Director, LA County Beaches and Harbors
Santos H. Kreiman

Save Mother's Beach

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February 2011


As a result of a successful campaign by the Save Mother's Beach coalition, boaters will maintain easy and fair public access to a public space treasured by LA County's Marina Del Rey community. The coalition claimed victory when the LA County Board of Supervisors rejected a proposal in February 2011 to replace the beach's northern public parking lot with apartments, a restaurant and private retail space.

"This was seriously a huge win—we were up against developers that have deep pockets...Marina Del Rey was predicated on providing boating access to the citizens of LA (rich or poor)," said Christopher King, president of the Marina Del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club.

A coalition of beach user groups has banded together to save the beach parking lot, and illustrated their striking support with the petition, which they presented in a printed stack at LA County Regional Planning meeting. They characterized the petition as the "final flourish" on a hard-fought organizing campaign, which included attending community meetings and hearings, meeting with officials, and conducting press and social media outreach.

Save Mother's Beach is the voice of the Marina del Rey Community Boating Council, a coalition of recreational boating groups and individuals, all water sport enthusiasts. We are dedicated to preserving public access to Mother's Beach.

As one of the only sheltered beach environments in Los Angeles, Mother's Beach not only provides beachgoers with a protected ocean environment, but also provides recreational boaters with a safe and accessible beach to launch personal watercraft including among others kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, rowing shells, outrigger canoes, paddleboards, sailboards etc.

Currently, personal watercraft accessibility and launches are made easy by the loading zone and public parking, which are conveniently adjacent to the beach. This proximity and accessibility allows and encourages public enjoyment of ocean watersports. Accordingly, these characteristics define Mother's Beach as a unique community resource.


Unfortunately, current land use development proposals threaten future access to Mother's Beach. Current Los Angeles County department of Regional Planning proposals seek to limit public parking in Marina del Rey by converting seemingly-underused public parking lots into private development projects. Mother's Beach's parking lot is one such lots slated for "redevelopment."

Without the adjacent loading and parking areas, continued public access will be severely restricted. Accordingly, Marina del Rey Community Boating Council is committed to ensuring continued public access to this unique resource.

Join us to save Mother's Beach!

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