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Save HEAP, PELL, PBS, Planned Parenthood and AmeriCorps - Tax the Rich!

    1. Erika Wischmann
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      Erika Wischmann

      Geneva, NY

It's time for the people who actually caused this recession to start paying for it, and stop putting the burden on the poor.

Neither the Obama nor the Republicans had the interests of the majority of the American people in mind when writing their budget proposals. Let them know that cutting programs that are essential to low-income Americans for the sake of their rich campaign contributors is not going to fly.

Not only are the richest enjoying Obama's continuation of the Bush tax cuts, they aren't even paying the taxes they still owe: http://www.usuncut.org/about

If our elected officials don't come up with something better, let's go to Washington and give them a  taste of what Scott Walker's seeing right now in Madison. Let's show them the American people are sick of being screwed over while the rich get tax  breaks. Who's with me?

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    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      The Republicans are great at talking about how everyone has to "pay their fair share." But, their rich puppetmasters have had increasingly low tax rates during the three decades since the Reagan years and are now paying (if they pay at all) taxes at historically low rates. The deadly and insane wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the counterproductive "war on drugs," etc. can not be paid for entirely by the poor and middle class, who are also being asked to pay for corporate welfare for big oil, coal, nuclear, etc., etc.

      The rich should pay their fair share or go to prison for tax evasion. And, every elected official and judge who sold their office to get campaign contributions and cushy jobs upon "retirement" deserves to go to prison for accepting bribes. Perhaps all these well heeled crooks could go to one of those "country club" prisons that they are always railing against?


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