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      Liberating Forces


My personal situation may have brought the attention & awareness of a local Spokane City Animal Shelter (Spokanimal) to the fore front as intended. However, I want to take my personal situation and put it aside for the remainder of this campaign. (Other than reference points)

Instead, I want to bring out the truth and the facts in which I am asking a change be mandated in the upcoming election/decision to whom our local shelter will provide The City of Spokane their services. This affects all dog & cat owners alike for Spokanimal are "Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers," and have the right to seize your property,(including animals) hand out citations, (even at a criminal levels). Therefore, it is extremely important that they follow the guidelines and the laws set fourth upon them.

Spokanimal originally agreed to these terms by signing a contract with The City of Spokane. We the citizens as a whole, represent the City of Spokane, and we demand fair and equal rights. We ask for a change in the way they operate their business and start taking a more humane approach. We DEMAND they follow the laws and policies to which is clearly stated in the legal binding contract between Spokanimal and The City Of Spokane.

 -The following is a list of changes we ask to take effect immediately-

 *A)  An honest and through Non Biased investigation into all accusations that is listed below with an action plan to all findings that proven to be true.

 *B)  A thoughtful consideration to the changes that is asked of Spokanimal to become apart of their contract and a policy they must abide by.

 -We ask for consideration for the following changes-

They create, follow, abide by, and provide to the public (when requested) a list or handbook of policies and procedures. We ask they start following their own policies in which are to be held true to equally & fairly.

Currently, the rules change daily based on the individuals claims or accusations. Policies that would hold true for one would not for others in similar circumstances. Its a form of control without regulation. There are several policies that contradict one another and we deserve a straight forward understanding of rules to abide by.

We ask they have regular Staff/Volunteer meetings so they can operate more efficiently and limit the amount of errors that currently take place.

Spokanimal released personal information of a victims identity (social security #, drivers license #, address of both home & work, birthday, etc) to whom were involved in an obvious hostile dispute with the accused. Once informed, they did it yet again. Irresponsibly released a U.S. Postal Workers personal identity to another angry respondent.

Spokanimal's own management contradict each others statements to the point of obvious disorganization or intentionally disregarding to the laws or policies set forth. The 14th Amendment: Section 1; Clearly States Its Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or Property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness. One step that is currently in place, is the right to appeal Spokanimal's Potentially Dangerous Dog Declaration decsion. ~ However, When Spokanimal denied that right to an owner, they violated their Constutuional Right to a fair hearing. Later, to cover up there mishandlings, falsely claimed the owner did not appeal in a timely manner.

We ask that D.D dogs are treated with the same amount of respect and care as those that are in the public eye.That qualified staff be employed to handle D.D. to prevent the neglect and mistreatment that otherwise takes place.

When D.D dogs are confiscated, they are placed in a kennel in the back, out of the viewing of the public. This could be viewed as a way to protect the public from Truly Dangerous Dogs or intimidation factors. Generally, a good idea- However, regardless of the reasoning they have been confiscated, they deserve to be treated in a humane manner. Their owners should have a right to visit them, they should be fed the same amount and times as the other dogs, allowed treats, toys, medical attention, and interaction by staff & owners. Their kennels should be kept clean from urine and feces and checked periodically through out the day.

Obviously these matters stated above is currently happening or it wouldn't be addressed. I will skip the details and just ask an investigation is obtained.

For Spokanimal to take an Effective and Tactful approach when dealing with P.D or D.D owners. To provide support (Not Legal Advice) as to the understandings and the steps involved in the process of which they are faced. Provide accurate information and explain what the current/revised RCW'S states.  

There are several complaints of Spokanimal's threatening, bullying, discriminating in manners to which they conduct themselves. It appears to be an attempt to quiet the owners of unfair treatment they are receiving and a way to silently guarantee the safety of their actions. In a recent meeting with said owner, Spokanimal and the president of City Council, Bob Stockart, a version of the RCW's from 2007 were presented as a reference point to certain procedural operations. This was simply a way to deliberately misguide those parties interested. There has been, and continues to be, a revised RCW'S dated 2009 that is outright being ignored.

A third party, Non Biased, Official/Authority whom does not represent Spokanimal to be Elected/Chosen to take part in the Potentially Dangerous Dogs Appeals.

Currently, ONE person, single handily, has the authority to deem the Animal Potentially Dangerous.

The current individual has proven to be unfair & unjust in her operations. She has shown a particular dislike towards certain breeds, Therefore; giving an unlikely fair hearing. 

Said person having extreme authority also is said to be using it unjustly and inappropriately with no overhead to be held accountable for.

Having a Non-Bias, Equally Yoked, Hearing Commissioner/Representative, is one option to help prevent further unjust results.

We the citizens of The City of Spokane, supporters of surrounding cities, and neighboring states, collectively ask for Spokanimal to change their inhumane operations. We gather signatures to show those who can enforce a change, that we unite as one community, speak together as one voice, and together we stand on one platform and demand a respectful change .

As of November 13th 2012 we collectively have 314 signatures and climbing. You can see these results at www.change.org/petitions/save-halo-fallon










Orignal Posting:

Spokanimal has Halo & Fallon and evidence is overwhelmingly strong that these alleged attacks are either false or "set up" and even with eye witnesses, conflicting reports, and charges wishing to be dropped, Spokanimal's desire to press charges and not even re-evaluate the case makes it nearly impossible for them to come home. It is apparent by the threats, "New Rules" applied to you only, they will at any chance given...KILL THEM* They have done this to so many ppl but they too get bullied into "accepting" Spokanimal "I said so" policy. The chances that Halo & Fallon will survive is extremely low BUT I PROMISE & ASK YOU TO PROMISE...WE WILL YELL, SCREAM, RAISE OUR VOICES, NEVER GIVE UP, AND FIGHT FOR EACH AND EVERY DOG THEY UNJUSTLY KILLED, ABOUT TO KILL, OR IN THE FUTURE PLAN TO KILL- We ask that Spokanimal's decsion to declare dogs pot. Dangerous is evaluated by a non bias 3rd party in which it takes more than ONE SINGLE DIRECTOR to make that decsion. Gail alone, get's the final say in your dog's fate. Too many reports of her abuse in power, poor decsion making, false advertising, and too much un-regulated control has lead to a very conflicting organization that does NOTHING to help the owners of accussed dogs- UPDATE: WE WON HALO BACK BUT LOST FALLON- ITS TIME TO CHANGE SOME POLICIES-


Recent signatures


    1. Rumor has it-

      The latest update (rumor) is The City of Spokane will drop Spokanimal in 2014 and pick up Scraps- However, The City of Liberty Lake will drop Scraps and pick up Spokanimal-

    2. Halo was saved* Fallon was killed

      SAD UPDATE: For those who don't know already, Spokanimal put Fallon down last night* Though I understand they can't hold a "Dangerous" dog forever… besides he was desecrating in there and he is set free now- For those who don't know the truth- Fallon is not a dangerous dog but a gentle loving soul- The first incident that occurred was bogus- A false claim deliberately aimed at hurting me- A week later my roomie un-did all security measures and sent the dogs out a window & instructing them to "go get it" as Jessica and her lil Chihuahua was walking by- Never once did they EVER bite a human or attack- One dog just barked and Fallon went to “go get it” and…PLAY with it but when Pit Bulls are running at you it’s a scary thing. Jessica did not know my dogs and she swooped in to save her lil guy and they sadly played tug a war- Though it is not okay and inexcusable- at the same time it wasn’t Fallon’s fault. I worked things out with Jessica and I am paying them thousands to make it right. Th

    3. Judgement said NO

      UPDATE: I put in a request for a re-consideration and got the answer back today as a big fat NO* So- that means tomorrow at 5 o' clock Fallon will be euthanized- I went to see my public defender today- After reviewing the case & then seeing my evidence he is putting a request for probation to drop charges or we are taking it straight to trial- Not playing ANY of their games- We wont plead* I am innocent- I was not careless, I was set up and framed- For those who don't know- I was facing 730 days in jail but at court it was dropped to 180 days- I pointed something out today- Since I won Halo back in court- I should be charged at 90 days not 180- Spokanimal say's No-We want the Max* I went and got paperwork and will file for an appeal for Fallon's life- This is ALL I have left:( I shouldnt be putting this all out here cause Spokanimal reads my fb but I am not saying anything incriminating- Next, I am hiring a lawyer for a civil suit- I want the best- I want to make an example of this* Th

    4. Fallon My baby-

      Update: I just went and saw Fallon- Sadly, he is not the same dog* I wouldn't be either- He has been in their for 40 days- However, there is this condition called kennel crazy- It's were they NEVER get to leave the kennel- Not to feel sunshine, not to enjoy a walk, not to see people go by, not to be touched, pet, or loved- They beome completly unsociable- its almost like a mental diease* They literally go "Crazy" and a common sign would be aggression- But, Fallon... he isnt a bit aggressive- He has lost his personality- He almost appears brain damaged- If I could accurately state that he is being starved I would. Unfortunatly, its just an assumption- He has lost a lot of weight and I gave him this bone that normally he would shun. Today however, he came up to me, and was so excitted I had something for him to eat. It was like he didnt know who I was- He took it...and ran off- That remaining time was me watching the backside of him while he went crazy eating this bone- I already him

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. Progress

      We have a meeting schduled with spokane city council president Tuesday morning- Lets get as many signatures as possible and I will hand both Spokanimal and Mr. Stuckart a copy-


      Great news- I won Halo- I wanted to thank you all- I originally only asked for 150 sigs then I raised the number- 190 great job*

    8. Reached 150 signatures
    9. SAVE HALO, FALLON, AND the girl crying at the cage too..

      Today, I saw my babies- I decided to be "normal" like the routine they are used too- I say all happy and cheerful.."My Boyz" it's a game we play EVERY morning when we awake. I sing..My boyz, My boyz, good morning My boyz- Its like a happy dance- Just gets them all excited and happy* As I looked over to a sad face- a girl with her hands up to the cage, tears falling heavily- My boys are looking at her...I'm looking at her, and she is pleading with Ken & he is refusing her pleas. So I offer her some advice.. I say... He won't answer you- and wipe your tears- I said your dog needs to know your okay while they are here- She said..this is the first time I have seen my dog in a month because they wont let me* So today, I want to add her dog...A Pit Bull... to our list of CAGED PRISONERS- We then got kicked off the property- I'll take that as a new rule...No talking to other crying Pit Bull owners-

    10. Reached 50 signatures
    11. Protesting this weekend*

      Come join us in Protesting the ways Spokanimal un justly treats both the owners & dogs this weekend* 12-4 pm on both days- I know its a busy fun-filled weekend for many with Valley Fest but for me... 4 hours for 2 days of my heart bleeding & pleading doesn't compare to 24hrs being a caged prisoner with VERY little attention, NEVER leaving their small cell, NEVER going outside for a walk, as I watched my dogs go from healthy happy full of life to straight depressed, lost, weak, sunken in look, loss of hope, no desire just waiting to die....it's like they say...GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY* I'd rather be dead than in this cell 24hrs a day with nothing to look forward to except when I am allowed to actually leave this cell & walk down to the murder room were I am finally at peace-

    12. Reached 25 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Brenda Williams AURORA, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      These type of "Kennels/Kill Shelters" need to be regulated better!! They need strict rules on how to be run! They are supposed to be on the side of the pets, not to pick and choose who lives or who dies! These animals should have the same chances and rights as humans!! To be Innocent till Proven guilty!

    • Misty Moore IONE, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This just put me to tears I'm sorry people are so cruel, & some are just to stupid for their own good. I am now finding that my babies will need to be moved to a more secure location of less crazy people. My bullies are never left unattended & we already have a crazed bully hater in the hood because of someone else's. My prayers for Halo & You! R.I.P Fallon

    • jilliann stevenson CATONSVILLE, MD
      • almost 2 years ago

      they deserve to be treated good and the love that they so deserve

    • Robert Hall SPOKANE, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have animals myself and always have (40 yrs), and most of what happened to Halo and Falon was garbage and changes need to be made

    • patricia mittlestedter DEER PARK, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I don't condone authority over stepping there bounds and every breed should be treated equally.


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