Save Great Keppel
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Save Great Keppel

    1. Gerry Christie
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      Gerry Christie

      great Keppel island, Australia

We have a chance to transform our region by turning a fledgling tourism destination into the country's first large scale carbon positive development. People like to talk about using renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. We can become a beacon of hope for those who want to make a difference, not just talk about it. This resort will be a catalyst for all future tourism developments. We will show the world that it is possible for economic growth and sustainability to coexist by utilizing technology and talent.

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    2. Great Keppel Island needs to be revitalized

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      Help transform our region

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    • samantha fisher NORTH ROCKHAMPTON, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Just replying to Tom since he keeps hijacking this petition and replying to everyone else.

      We realise why we are signing this petition. We can read. We want the resort development to go ahead. We need to save our region.

      Tom, I don't like that the intelligence of the people signing the petition is being insulted. We are aware that Tower closed the resort. They wanted to build something better and the original operating costs were too high. We could have had an operating resort by now. Stop trying to say that Tower are holding the area to ransom when the ccc are saying renovate what's there or nothing (when nothing means a waste).. your doing the same thing... holding everyone to ransom. Your using the same tactic. What will happen when Tower move on? Keppel will become an unusable waste!

      Not only that, the fact that the Australia Day Beach Party sandcastle competition for families and children was turned into a tactic via the ccc to convince people to turn away from the development was just sickening. I just cannot believe the CCC hijacked a family event to peddle an agenda

      Your sandcastle display implied that the whole island would have buildings all over it. Double story Lego blocks everywhere. Simply not true!

      The whole project has been scaled back by 75%!!!!!!!!!

      The total building and road impact on the island is only 4%!!!!!.

      Only single story buildings.

      The golf course will be located on previously disturbed grazing lands and the layout integrated with essential habitats;

      Oh and since Lot 21 keeps being mentioned:

      545 hectares of Environmental Protection Areas over Lot 21 will be established (equivalent to 62% of Lot 21) for environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.

      What more do you want?? The whole of Lot 21?

      The island is a mess.... It is overrun with feral animals from Leeke homestead. Environmental pests- Weeds and lantana are strangling and eradicating the beauty of the island. Erosion is a massive problem. You can barely walk on the island if you happen to venture on the bushtracks. The island really needs some tlc. Are the CCC willing to step in and do something about the state of the island? get rid of the weeds and make it usable? Or will it be left to rot even further in the name of conservation? Left for more weeds, rust ridden machinery and run down buildings.

      It's simply not enough to only renovate the existing resort. Keppel Island is no longer beautiful. It is falling apart. Not only is the island falling apart. So are businesses. Yeppoon is dying something needs to be done.

      Go to

      Tower have compromised and scaled back their plans. Have the CCC compromised? Nope.

      An agreement needs to be reached. What is best for the Rockhampton region?

      Stop scaring people into thinking Keppel will be destroyed. 62 % of Lot 21 will be preserved. Give me a break.

      Tom people can read, they are signing this petition because they want Towers plans to go ahead. We want to increase tourism in this area. We want to see Keppel be revitalised with facilities. We are losing tourists. I have spoken to many tourists on Great Keppel who are just disgusted by the state of the whole island. Many say they won't be back to the Rockhampton/yeppoon region because there is simply nothing to offer.

      I am very passionate about Great Keppel and I am horrified by its current state. Please, go over there and have a look for yourselves.

    • samantha fisher NORTH ROCKHAMPTON, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      We need the revistalisation for tourism in the Central QLD area. Keppel is dying. It is becoming an overgrown mess. To get to the snorkelling beach- well, you may as well be risking your life as it has eroded away and become a cliff. If something is not done soon no one will be able to enjoy it. I cannot believe that it has been left to get to the state that it is in. There is nothing there for visitors at the moment. The water sports was closed on the school holidays for goodness sakes. Not only that it is a two hour wait for food on the island. Most of the time their is only one thing on the menu available. Everything else is sold out on a regular basis. No showers on the island. You can hear visitors to the island saying what a disappointment the experience was and how sad it is that the island is so run down. You can hear them say they won't be back to the central QLD area as there is nothing to offer in the area and will simply visit the whitsundays in future. Lets get Keppel back on track.

      • over 2 years ago

      The development of GKI by the Tower Group will assist in the marketing of Australia Iinternally and Globally) as a true Tourist destination with variert and first class facilities.

    • Hellen Graham COOROOMAN, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      I can remember the resort that was there and the great days over there even for day trippers. What a waste of a beautiful island to not make use of it & show it off to the world.

    • Mark Hardick SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Ive enjoyed some wonderful holidays at GKI its a beautiful and diverse place. A well managed development is needed to preserve, showcase and fund the future sustainability of this wonderful place. Abandonment masked as preservation is a poor bet.


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