Save gay Ugandan Robert Segwanyi!
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Save gay Ugandan Robert Segwanyi!

    1. Paul Canning
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      Paul Canning

      Cambridge, United Kingdom

September 2011


Robert Segwaynyi was released from detention in early September. Paul Canning wrote on LGBT Assylum News

"Robert was released from detention last week. We now know why. His case was accepted as not being suitable for the fast track and this was 'due to complexity and merits of the case' - a complete turn around in attitude. His asylum application is still refused but has been accepted as a fresh claim with a right of appeal. Robert's lawyers have now lodged an appeal and are awaiting a Notice of Hearing with the appeal date.

"This would not be happening if a campaign had not happened for Robert. He would be on a plane to Uganda and we would be organising protection from violence and extortion at the airport and then a safe house. Despite that he could have been picked up police and re-imprisoned. LGBT Asylum News thanks everyone who has helped and pays tribute to the office of Mike Hancock MP and Ugandan refugee John Bosco in particular."

 We won! See news update below.

Robert is an asylum seeker who will be at severe risk if the British government removes him 18 August to Uganda. Evidence of this risk and Robert's sexuality has not been properly considered by the British authorities. > More information <

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    1. Robert Segwanyi Spared Deadly Deportation to Uganda for Now

      Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Robert Segwanyi was scheduled for deportation on August 18,  from the United Kingdom's Heathrow airport. The UK was sending Robert back to Uganda, where he was tortured with molten plastic and imprisoned for being gay.
      Robert was spared from...

    2. We won

      Paul Canning
      Petition Organizer

      Robert's removal was deferred by the UK Home Office at the last moment tonight. This is a battle victory - but we have not won the war. Robert is not yet safe and they can try and remove him again. Your help was invaluable, both me +Robert thank you

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    4. Target Kenya Airways

      Paul Canning
      Petition Organizer

      Kenya Airways are the people removing Robert - tell them not to here! >

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    6. Flight details and media

      Paul Canning
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to everyone who has signed! FYI, the flight detail is 8pm Thursday from Heathrow, Kenya Airways flight number KQ410.

      We have a new story on pinknews

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