Save Gay Straight Alliances in Tennessee Schools
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Save Gay Straight Alliances in Tennessee Schools

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How do you take a good piece of legislation and turn it into an administrative nightmare? Well it is happening right now to SB0426 here in Tennessee. The bill originally allowed parents to opt their child out of participation in a school club or organization. Now Sen. Stacey Campfield has filed an amendment to this bill that would change the requirement. If the parents want their child to participate in a school club, they have to give written permission for them to participate.

While this sounds like another way of doing the same thing, it is not. Opting your child out of one club with a note is not the same thing as having to give written permission for every club your child may participate in. Asking our already overburdened school administrators to sort through hundreds of permission slips every year and police which clubs the students can attend will create unnecessary paperwork, consume too much time, and place yet another level of bureaucracy on schools activites.

Amendment 1 to SB0426 will not only create an undue burden on parents and schools. Such legislation has also been used in other states to eliminate Gay Straight Alliances from high school campuses. Students who attend schools with Gay Straight Alliances are less likely to experience anti-LGBT hostility and harassment on campus.

Tell the Tennessee State Senate’s Education Committee to vote “No” on Amendment 1 to SB0426.

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    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      We need to have all manner of clubs and alliances in schoold and workplaces that encourage tolerance and working together in our increasingly diverse world...

    • Lisa Frady NEW MARKET, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      Too many efforts taken by people such as Sen Stacey Campfield through SB0426 seek to reestablish control over populations with which they disapprove. As a Non-WASPS, I am tired of other people's efforts to keep people like me stuffed inside an attic where I can't breath, let alone flourish and accomplish what God planned for me. In comparision to other states, Tennessee already falls in the bottom rung in many areas. Do we allow Tennessee to spiral further downward or do we join together to say enough is enough!!!? Kids need to be able to is so rich and full of much information, so many options, so much beauty through so many differences. If we do nothing, then Tennessee kids' will at great risk of becoming adults like me and so many others here in Tennessee who lived their lives stuffed inside those dark dreary attics that were designed by their parents or some other adults who were terrified and intolerant of diffferences.

    • jenifer hurley BATESVILLE, AR
      • over 3 years ago

      this is a terrible thing to do!!! do not pass this h8ful bill.

    • Alexis Forbes ALBERTA, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      come on how can you not be in favor for gay-straight alliances!

    • Kameron Haggard SEYMOUR, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      If SB0426 is signed into law, I will forever lose faith in the state of my birth. For 21 years, I have grown to love this blessed state for its many accomplishments. But at the same time, I've grown to despise Tennessee for the backwards thinking, the prejudice, the homophobia. Trying to tell people they aren't allowed to declare who they are especially at such a young age, that is depriving them of life. Some may turn to suicide, some may turn to things that aren't so good for them, and why? Because Senator Stacey Campfield doesn't care. He doesn't care that there are children different from him, from his own children, and it scares him. Change scares him. But Senator, we've been around since Biblical times and before even then. There are over 400 species on this earth in which homosexuality exists, but only one knows how to hate. Say NO to SB0426 and save someones life.


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