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Save energy & money: Use compact fluorescent light bulbs!

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      Springfield, Missouri

      Springfield, MO

Though we call them "lights," traditional incandescent bulbs are actually small heaters that produce a little light — and waste a lot of energy making heat. In the 1880s, they revolutionized the world. But today, we can do better.

Once dismissed as buzzing tubes in offices, fluorescent lights have gone compact and upscale. Energy-saving compact fluorescents (CFs) now rival the cozy, warm light of traditional bulbs. They use a fraction of the electricity, which means lower electricity bills and millions of tons less global warming pollution. And in the summer, because they don't burn as hot as incandescent bulbs, they'll lower your cooling bills.

If every household replaced just three 60-watt incandescent bulbs with CF bulbs, the pollution savings would be like taking 3.5 million cars off the road!

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    • Soodle Billy CO.DUBLIN, IRELAND
      • almost 5 years ago

      great pledge.

      • over 5 years ago

      I used to use kerosene lamps for light and to cook when I was a hermit.  I replaced all the light bulbs in house with flouresent bulbs years ago.

      • over 5 years ago

          Hi, my name is Steve Davis, I have a very important matter to discuss with you regarding the equipment being used such as (air conditioner, elevators,fans,pumps,heaters, and all electrical motors.)It is causing you to over pay FPL for unused and wasted energy!!! Not only that, but it is a main reason why global warming is happening! I have researched & tested solar & hydro-kinetic to no avail. These products all failed my criteria requirements because the return on investment is 20-30 years.  For the past 12 months I have been testing  an electrical energy saving product called KVAR. My tests have confirmed that this product does save energy and offers a quick 3-12 month ROI.  (I can provide a sample of how it all works) The ampere meters do not lie.  Non-productive energy in inductive equipment such as air conditioners, heat pumps,refrigeration equipment, pool pumps, and all types of electrical motors, generate heat with no productive purposes. Heat is wasted energy! It is the destructive enemy of conductors (wires) ,motors, and the earth! It not only shortens the life of the equipment being used but also affects our monthly bill. With KVAR, (an electro- magnetic pollution control system)electrical consumption is reduced, while still receiving the same service from the motor. KVAR will reduce the amount of non-productive current in your electrical system and actually extend the life of motors, since heat reduction is accomplished. This is not new technology. This is a reapplication & perfection of existing technology to compensate for the rising cost of power while saving energy to reduce global warming!The KVAR UNIT will not only save you up to 25% on your electrical bill every month, but it is :: Approved and labeled as a GREEN  PRODUCT PROJECT to help the earth!  :)   (TAX CREDITS of up to $500.00 from the government energy savings IRS (form 5695) Electricity is so costly now that integrating this old technology at this time offers great beneficial advancements such as a quick ROI. I'm highly recommending the use of  "power factor". and as a very reputable and honest professional since 1971, I can guarantee you will save money,energy and your equipment will run cooler, therefore lasting longer or your money back!! We are very reputable and have many satisfied commercial KVAR clients around the country and loads of positive feedback. Call me anytime!Thank you,Steve Davis786-704-2532305-253-0405 For additional Information on "power factor" click FPL link below!! (Go to FPL.com and search for keyword “power factor” for more information.)  LEGAL INFORMATION

      Canadian Standards Association listed (LR78409-1). There are fourteen United States and International patents on KVAR Power Factor Optimizer and our trademarks are registered with the United States Government. There is also a U.S. Department of Energy study (Sept. 1980 DOE/TIC 11339, Category UC 38) that attest to the savings and all benefits gained through the use of power factor optimization.

      Licenses:::Electrical;   EC0000926
      Mechanical:CAC056785Plumbing;   CFC057254   Miami Energy Management
      8857 SW 129 St Miami, Fl. 33176    "Serving South Florida"

      Mobile--786-704-2532Office --305-253-0405

      Inquire with Steve or Natalie

      Please visit our web-sites :::www.miamikvar.com

    • Stephanie K NY, NY
      • over 5 years ago

      Hey Everyone, great discussion. I just came across this company and am already a big fan. EVERYONE here should check this out, I think you'd all really like it. 

      It's a great investment - I just bought some stock. Go check it out  AXTG.pk

      "Axis Technologies manufacturers and distributes small inexpensive breakthrough devices known as Daylight Harvesting Ballasts. These remarkable innovations allow commercial-industrial fluorescent lighting fixtures to use natural day light coming in from windows and skylights to lower energy usage and costs by up to 70%."


      Please re-post to help spread the word of this amazing technology!

    • Daniel Antal BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
      • almost 6 years ago

      The most competitive producer of fluorescent bulbs is China. In the EU one of the reasons why switching from incandescent is so slow is that we have levied an 'anti-dumping' tariff on Chinese imports that keeps the price 2-3 times higher than it could be. At those lower prices probably there would be no more incandescent on the market. Sometimes free trade is the best way to save energy and money.


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