Save Ealing Hospital's A&E
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Save Ealing Hospital's A&E

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      Ealing Hospital - SOS

Ealing Hospital is set to lose its A&E and if this goes ahead the likelihood is that it will then lose its maternity unit and children’s services in increasingly desperate efforts to save money by healthcare officials in NHS London. All of these changes have been rushed through as a result of the coalition government’s Health Bill just recently signed into law which aims to knock £20 billion off the bill for paying for the NHS.

With more than 100,000 people each year being admitted to Ealing A&E, and surrounding acute services stretched beyond their capacity, health campaigners claim this will have a catastrophic effect on patients in the Borough. Two other local A&E units are also set to close, these will most likely be those at Hammersmith and Charing Cross, as Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust struggles to pay off its £40m debt. The irony is that Ealing is one of the very few financially viable trusts, yet it will be destroyed by these plans.

The Save Our Services at Ealing Hospital campaign group is calling on you to sign the petition and make your voices heard in opposition to these proposals.

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    1. Contact the Reconfiguration Panel by 16 August!

      The IRP will be accepting your views and comments up to Friday 16 August. If your voice has not yet been heard and you wish to complain about the proposal, now made clear (but which was not in the original 'consultation') to demolish Ealing Hospital and put up a polyclinic on 4% of the site, please contact them now.

      Contact the panel on 020 7389 8046, or by writing to Independent Reconfiguration Panel, 6th floor, 157-197 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SP.

      For more information, follow this link:

      Thanks for all your support.

    2. Reached 3,000 signatures
    3. Independent Reconfiguration Panel in Town

      The very approachable IRP are in town for the next few weeks, and they want to hear from people concerned about the 'Shaping a healthier future' plans, especially if you've not been involved so far. Write to them at IRP, 6th Floor, 157-197 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SP; or e-mail to; or leave a voice message on 020 7389 8046.

      Do you think you had enough chance to understand the plans? Did you agree with the process? Did you feel that you were left out, or that other groups may have been? Do you think that the plans are safe, if Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham have no A&E between them? Is it fair, or safe, not to have any maternity services in those Boroughs?

      NHS NWL have misled us all along - they didn't tell us they were going to demolish the Hospital. It is vital that your views are heard, as many of you as possible - we just can't let them get away with all their deceptions and fantasies.

    4. London-wide March this Saturday 18 May

      See below for details of this Saturday's London march. Thank you all for your support so far. If you wondered why we are so pasionate about saving our 4 A&Es, follow these links (the Government have even managed to get "The Daily Mail" against them!):


      Concert Hall Approach ( Belvedere Road) Waterloo

      Rally in Whitehall 2pm


      facebook: https://www.facebook.

      Shocking proof A&E closures cost lives: Death rate jumps more than a THIRD after department closes

      Health Minister orders investigation as Mail on Sunday uncovers rise Data revealed under FOI rules show 37% rise in emergency patient deaths Accident and Emergency in Newark, Notts, closed two years ago By David Rose PUBLISHED: 15:59 EST, 11 May 2013 | UPDATED: 18:06 EST, 12 May 2013 The Mail on Sunday today reveals the first shocking evidence that hospital casualty department closures are costing hundreds of lives.

    5. The Decision is Made, and We Carry On

      On 19 February the Joint Committe formally agreed to close the 4 A&Es, despite vocal public protests and formal complaints from Andy Slaughter MP. The Committee, when I asked them, had not even read the full Business Case! Not one of them. This clears the decks for action. We know what we are up against.

      Ealing Council will almost certainly refer it to the Secretaryof State, and beyond to Judicial Review if needed. There are so many flaws in their process and errors in their documentation. And at the last minute, in a sop to H&F Council, they invented a whole new type of hospital, which has not been consulted on. (As if the rest properly had been!)

      So we are still more than hopeful.


    6. Reached 2,500 signatures
    7. Cross-London Meeting 6 December

      Over 80 people from all over London met at Portcullis House, Westminster on 6 December to start to join all the campaigns together: Ealing, H&F, Lewisham, Whittington, Chase Farm, Hackney, Kingston, Croydon and lots of others were represented, and it was hosted and chaired by Andy Slaughter MP.

      Plans were discussed to have a day of action early next year. Watch this space.

    8. Urgent - Event Next Week

      A couple of events coming up, the first one needing urgent action if you want to join in as it is an all-ticket event next Wednesday:

      There will be an event involving Ipsos MORI presenting their analysis of all responses to the Shaping a healthier future consultation; a session for people to ask questions about the analysis; and presentations on how the programme will take forward the issues and ideas raised.

      Date: Wednesday 28 November 2012
      Venue: Hilton Metropole (Opposite Edgware Road tube station), 225 Edgware Road, London, W2 1JU
      Arrival: Registration from 5pm. Event from 5.30pm – 7pm
      If you would like to attend, please register at or call 0800 881 5209 if you do not have access to the internet.

      Then we have our CASUALTY CONVOY - 8TH DECEMBER

      To join, please e-mail your name to with subject CAR CONVOY. We will contact you with more details.

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    9. Reached 2,000 signatures
    10. Protest March 15th September

      In case you don't pick up your e-mails, we are holding a protest march and rally on 15th September. 2 start points: Southall Park at 11.00 and Acton Park at 12.00 going to Ealing Common for a rally addressed by local MPs, Councillors, community representatives and activists. All individuals and community groups are invited to come along and bring banners of support.

      We have ordered 2,000 vuvuzelas and 2,000 whistles, so it won't be a quiet do! We shall have contingents from the emergency services, Trades Unions, religious organisations and communities and we want it to be a whole-community event.

      It's only 3.5 miles from Southall, a bit less from Acton, or you can go straight there - but get there before the roads are closed! (See TfL web for traffic details nearer the date.)

      Tell all your friends and contacts, facebook it and tweet like mad!

    11. Reached 1,500 signatures
    12. We picketed the Ealing GP Meeting with NHS NWL

      Finally, NHS NWL condescended to talk to Ealing GPs this evening, Wednesday 15th August, so we went to make a dignified protest at the gates of the sports centre they were using. When we found that some, including the NWL bosses, had slipped in early, a breakaway group went and protested a bit more loudly through their window.

      So they know we mean business. The GPs need to know that when NHS NWL packs up in April, under the new Act, the Doctors will be left holding the baby.

      Your votes will help to give us even more clout.

    13. Reached 1,000 signatures
    14. NWL took a pasting at last night's Ealing Health Scrutiny Panel

      So many questions from Councillors and public they couldn't answer. Holes in their business case being exposed. May have to extend their consultation because of non-appearance of hard copy documents (still not in Hanwell Library this afternoon, 27 July). Their misinformation being uncovered.
      So your efforts and contributions are counting - keep telling all your friends to sign this and write to their GPs asking where they stand.

    15. Reached 250 signatures
    16. Public Meeting 7.00 pm on Thursday 5th July

      We are holding our next Public Meeting on 5 July at 7 pm at Hanwell Methodist Church, Ealing W7 1DJ. Dr Onkar Sahota, the new GLA Member for Ealing and Hillingdon will be the Keynote Speaker and we have invited all the local MPs and Councillors. It will be a non-political event to raise awareness of the impending closure of Ealing's A&E.

      Yesterday, 25 June, the Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts met at Westminster Central Hall to nod through 6 important Resolutions despite the objections of MPs, Ealing Councillors and members of the public. They are determined to close 3 A&Es in North-West London, and they want Ealing's to be one of them. We are determined to stop them.

      Come and support us. We'd like you to bring some small change (or large!) to help our funds as we are entirely a community-led group. We will also offer a donation to the Church who have offered us the use of the premises for nothing.

      Follow the link for the Meeting papers.

    17. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Adenike Durosaro LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 2 months ago

      I live in West London and rely heavily on Ealing, Hammersmith & Charing Cross Hospitals

    • sean gibson LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      Ealing is my local hospital and both my children were born there. I have visited A and E there on a few occasions and do not want to see it closed! Keep Ealing Open!!

    • alan stribling LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      I have paid for the service for 40+ yrs, and with Hammersmith /Charing Cross threats of closure, to get to an A&E in good time may cost lives, this is just cost cutting at the front line rather than eliminating waste. Go to Ealing Hospital on a bright sunny day and you will find all the lights on in day light= waste!

      • 7 months ago

      It serves a huge population who'll have nowhere to go

    • Amanda Clarke EALING, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 12 months ago

      Because my parents have both had heart attacks and cancer and the hospital has helped my family immensely


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