Save Dutch Media art orgs. Govt plans to slash them all!
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Staatsecretaris Halbe Zijlstra en Leden van de Tweede Kamer

Save Dutch Media art orgs. Govt plans to slash them all!

    1. Willem Velthoven
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      Willem Velthoven

      Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch government spending on the arts will be severely reduced from 2013 onwards. The remaining funds will be directed at traditional, established art forms and museums.

Institutional support for new media culture, which has been cultivated with great care over the past 30 years, will be eliminated. 

When this plan is accepted by Parliament on Tuesday June 27th, Mediamatic, Waag society, WORM, STEIM, NIMK, V2_ and Submarine Channel will lose ALL their government funding. And from 2013 onwards there will be no development platform for Media Art in The Netherlands. 

Sustaining the Dutch infrastructure for New Media Art requires a mere 1% of the national arts budget.

Help us to prevent this destruction and retain support for new media arts by signing the petition!

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      • over 3 years ago

      As CEO of the Australian Network for Art and Technology I am inspired by the sophistication of media arts organisations in the Netherlands. There is a deep exploration of the impacts of technology and science on culture, but also an understanding of how this informs industry and technical research.

      This is the time when these organisations are need most, this is the time when citizens need to find the thoughts and language that will allow them to navigate and succeed in an ever-changing, technology driven landscape. It is also an economic imperative for countries like the Netherlands where the biggest hurdles to innovation are cultural not technical. To build a robot is a technical challenge; to live with one is a cultural challenge. Our future is based our capacity to bridge the technical with the cultural, the creative with the commercial and any country that turns their back on the organisations that can deliver this future is setting up both their citizens and their economy for failure.

      • over 3 years ago

      Preserve the arts as culture is where creativity resides, where ideas reside, where the new of tomorrow comes, where the plans, schemes and dreams and possibilities are hatched, probed, puzzled, machined and incubated. Slashing the arts has proven to be the politician's folly. No sooner than cuts occur, the realization arises that great harm has been done to the population, the individual and to the fabric of the nation's cultural 'historic moment'. You can't get those moments back, you have only to rebuild them slowly and with far far greater cost.

    • Chris De Chiara NAPERVILLE, IL
      • over 3 years ago

      Given the world class reputations of Dutch Cultural institutions like STEIM making significant cuts on groups like the

    • Alessio Cavallaro MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • over 3 years ago

      The Netherlands’ media arts organisations are among the most influential and respected in the world. The creativity, knowledge and inspiration generated by these organisations through groundbreaking initiatives and global networks are immeasurable. Their significant contributions to art and society in the 21st century is indisputable, and therefore must be sustained and further supported instead of being severely curtailed.

      The proposed funding cuts are a reactive, grossly miscalculated and ultimately irresponsible strategy that will do little to improve the Dutch economy, but will do much to impoverish Dutch and world culture, and the Netherlands’ international standing as an enlightened and innovative nation.

    • Oliver Bruno AMSTERDAM, NE
      • over 3 years ago

      New media, culture and the arts provide a valueble asset to society, hightening insight into intercultural matters, democratic principles and possibly even preventing urban problems in an early stage.

      Good luck Willem Velthoven!

      If you didn't know it allready, check out >

      They are doing really good work right know.

      If you would like to exchange idea's, you can contact me through Twitter on @OliverBruno1


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