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  • Petitioned Save Coal Miner's Jobs and land progress in Kentucky

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Save Coal Miner's Jobs and land progress in Kentucky

Lift restrictions and the War on Coal

    1. Jennifer Kendrick
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      Jennifer Kendrick

      Prestonsburg, KY

The entire economy in Kentucky and some of nation depends on coal mining. Coal miners are losing their jobs daily and it is having horrific effects on the families in Kentucky. The War on Coal not only effects the jobs in Kentucky it also had a ripple effect on jobs all over the nation. The last thing our nation needs is to lose more good paying jobs.

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    • Rhonda Caudill OIL SPRINGS, KY
      • 11 months ago

      Families in Eastern Ky depend on coal to feed and provide for their families. It doesn't matter how much schooling you have, "those" type jobs aren't around here. You can NOT support a family of 5 on a minimum wage job. Especially if one of those family members has an underlying medical condition. A serious, no cure for...medical condition. It isn't right for families to have to separate in order to survive...husbands having to go thousands of miles away, miss all the moments of their children's lives when something special happens, just so those same children will have food and a means to pay the bills.

    • chester b wireman SALYERSVILLE, KY
      • 11 months ago

      coal mining is how i rasied my family work in it for 32yrs. until i got disable by cancer..and the goverment doesn't want to invest anything in this regin but tourism..thats just a few jobs which are paid for by the taxpayers..looks like they dont want no one to live in eastern ky. they just want people to visit and move on.

    • jeri Daniels DRIFT, KY
      • 11 months ago

      I have many family members who are coal miners and I burn coal for heat.

    • Chantel Reed PRESTONSBURG, KY
      • 11 months ago

      Coal is the heart of the economy of Eastern Kentucky.

    • Tammy Sanders LA SALLE, MI
      • 11 months ago

      Many generations of my family have worked in the coal industry, I feel this resource should be utilized to the maximum which would help our country and the people in it.


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