Save America's Wolves!
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Governor Schweitzer of Montana

Save America's Wolves!

    1. Lisa Hilyer
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      Lisa Hilyer

      San Diego, CA

1- Millions of Americans have always dreamed of seeing wild wolves.
2- Now that states have been entrusted with wolf 'management' it should be non-lethal management just as the state of Washington has chosen.
3- The WORLD is watching as the brutality and cruelty of the wolf hunts are posted on the internet along with graphic, sadistic photos.
4- The wolf hunts are causing a decrease in wolf DNA diversity.
5- Killing adult wolves has created new problems with the surviving adolescent wolves......not fully taught, they are not sure what their food source should be.
6- Without question wolves, as apex predators, strengthen the herds by weaning out the injured, the sick, the weak, and the old.
7- Wolves are only responsible for LESS than 1% of all livestock losses.
8- Greedy and lazy ranchers allow their cash cows to graze on public lands (for pennies) when this is wolf territory!!! They are creating conflicts.
9- Trophy hunters do not want to share elk or other prey animals with wolves. Trophy hunters want a 'trophy' wolf.
10- Wolves and other wildlife suffer unimaginably in traps - in terror, in pain, dehydrated, exposed to the elements, exposed to predators, emotional distress, and finally a brutal death.
11- We cannot, in good conscience, support the wolf killing states with our tourism dollars.

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    • Carlos Castillo JACKSONVILLE, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      All God's creatures deserve to live out their lives.

    • ilker tanyeli COCONUT GROVE, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      woolves are magnificent creatures and entitled to life just as other living beings and the same as others they have to eat too, do we also kill people because we blame them for needing food! And do we do this in the same cruel disgusting way woolves are murdered? By traps, shot from helicopters. Are we humans not able to share this planet with others? And who is the main predator on this planet, we humans are! We destroy this planet and the nature on it. Protect our woolves against this kind of predators!

      • about 2 years ago

      These beautiful animals deserve to leave in peace and without fear of being persecuted.We must not let man destroy what he has no right to,just because he doesn't understand.

    • Elaine Burchfield BARNESVILLE, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      they are beautiful creatures!!!

    • Debby Libolt PLANTATION, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      Killing all these animals for no reason is a sin. Killing them execution style should be illegal!


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