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    1. Alison  Gannett
    2. Petition by

      Alison Gannett

      Paonia, CO

Alison Gannett and Jason Trimm, of TG Global Cooling, LLC own the 75-acre, 1889 homestead of Holy Terror Farm on Terror Creek in Paonia, Colorado. Alison's uncle, Henry Gannett, first mapped and lived in Paonia in 1874-6, moving on to found the National Geographic Society, and then personally invent the quad maps the BLM uses today. In addition to being almost 100% self-sustainable - growing and raising almost all of their own food and fuel year-round, Holy Terror Farm is dedicated to public, school, media and governmental food/farm education, music and food events, commercial recreational tourism, farm-stay family educational vacations, and commercial chemical-free food production. 

The potential fracking/drilling on parcel 6207 would put an end to this families livehood. The farm's #1 senior water right on Terror Creek, deeded in 1889, is now used for commercial chemical-free produce, with over 300 varieties of heirloom fruits and vegetables and livestock including cows, pigs and chickens. The water for these income sources comes from WITHIN parcel 6207, which happens to contain the year-round gem of Terror Creek. The families' drinking water and well is a stone's throw from parcel 6207. In addition, the 12.9 acre easement of Fire Mountain Irrigation canal (FMC) flows through the farm, and seeps every minute into the irrigation pond, drinking well, Terror Creek, livestock and irrigation waters. and sensitive FMC canal (there are 13 acres of FMC on the farm which leak water constantly into the farm's well area, pond and irrigation water). The FMC/Paonia Reservoir, could potentially be affected by  parcels 6205, 6206, 6216, 6215, 6189, and 6191, all just east and upstream of the farm. Should Paonia Reservoir and/or the FMC would deliver and seep contaminated water directly to the farm, not to mention the other 488 residents and farms that depend on the FMC. Stability of the FMC poses a health and safety issue - as fracking has been shown to cause tremors and earthquakes in the UK, Oklahoma and New York.  The FMC is already barely stable, having blown out completely on the farm's property four years ago - any person near that explosion would have been killed instantly. The potential failure of this canal could cause loss of human life, livestock and wildlife damage/loss of life, irreparable loss of top soil, failure of the farm to meet chemical-free produce requirements, potential liability suits, and high water costs to local farmers. Those very same tremors could cause the farm's irrigation pond to fail, irrigation system failure, and potential death or injury to our neighbors that work in the underground coal mines. In addition to our concerns with water, it has been shown by the Heath Impact Assessment, conducted by the Colorado School of Public Health in Garfield County, Colorado, that air pollution from fracking will likely “be high enough to cause short-term and long-term disease, especially for residents living near wells. Health effects may include respiratory disease, neurological problems, birth defects and cancer.” This air pollution would likely destroy the agri-tourism and recreational tourism that Holy Terror Farm relies on. Beyond the actual potential affects to health and human safety, the actual or PERCEIVED affects of fracking, such as light pollution, visual pollution, noise pollution, road building, truck traffic, dust pollution, bald eagle/elk/deer/fish migratory pattern changes, any loss of stream quality or quantity, will likely destroy the farm's commercial operations and main sources of revenue, such as, but not limited to - weddings, school field trips, school children retreats, children's swimming lessons, farm apprenticeships, chemical-free produce and livestock sales, mountain bike camps, ski camps, family concerts, farm-to-table dinners, family educational farm-stays, hunting and fishing camps, wildlife photography camps (bald eagle, deer, elk), company and corporate retreats, commercial family camping, cattle grazing leases, children's science adventure farm camps, u-pick fruit, and media filming and photography workshops. The 22-year old RMP designating these parcels as appropriate for oil and gas development did not take into account these new job-creating and economic opportunities for the valley and this family.  

The BLM should remove/defer proposed lease parcel 6207, which borders the entire Holy Terror Farm, contains Terror Creek, contains the farm's pristine views, primary airflow, and the intake source of farm's ONLY irrigation water, providing water for heirloom/rare livestock and over 300 varieties of chemical-free heirloom fruits and vegetables.  

Proposed lease parcels 6189, 6206, 6215, 6216, and 6205  all feed into the farm's air quality, pristine viewsheds, and the farm's only drinking water well, recharged by the unstable and leaky Fire Mountain Canal and Paonia Reservoir. 

  Justification for removal and deferral is warranted until the outdated management plan has been updated and properly protects the resources and economic drivers that exist today for Holy Terror Farm, including, but not limited to - Organic and chemical-free agriculture, Recreational Tourism, Agri-tourism, and Agri-education. This argument should justify the removal and/or deferral of any land/minerals leasing in the North Fork Valley until the new RMP is complete. 

Recent signatures


    1. The fight continues

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      We are gearing up for another fight to protect our local community, our farm, and our clean air, water and soil. Can you help by signing our petition?

    2. Drilling leases returning

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      Please help, they are going to come back and try to lease for drilling. We need more signatures to continue to show the BLM that drilling and chemical-free food do not belong together.

    3. Reached 1,500 signatures
    4. VICTORY - oil and gas leases are deferred!

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      A HUGE thank you, as the BLM just announced the deferral of ALL of the oil and gas drilling parcels around our farm. This buys us important time to document the damaging effects of drilling to our air, water, roads, and communities. Although the United Nations recognizes that water is a human right, currently in the US the burden of proof and cost falls on us citizens while the corporations are exempt to the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water act.

      Thanks for your amazing support - we couldn't have done it without you. Stay tuned for the next update, as we are sure this fight will resume soon!

      Best, Alison and Jason
      Holy Terror Farm

    5. Great news!

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      The BLM comment period on the Environmental Assessment of these lease parcels has been extended. Today about 50 local farmers met with Senator Bennet and Senator Udall's staff here at local farms. We hope that by seeing these incredible farmlands in person will help our cause.

    6. We are being heard!!!!

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      You support is being heard! I was just in Washington, DC, and they were amazed with the amount of letters we have sent and the amount of petition signatures.

      Also, the Delta County Commissioners and the Gunnison County Commissioners both wrote letters requesting withdrawal of these leases until the RMP is redone.

      The best news is that our coal mine manager also wrote a letter citing concern for the mine workers underground, right next to our farm. Organic farmers and coal miners unite!!


    7. Reached 1,000 signatures
    8. Denver Post

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      "He said the public response — and the demand for technical information — has been so great that the public-comment deadline was extended from Monday to Feb. 9."

    9. A small victory!

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      The BLM has decided to extend the public comment period one month, until Feb 9th. They have cited massive response and questions to their office. THANK YOU Everyone for your help. Now lets reach 10,000 so we can propose local ordinances that ensure our right to have clean water and air.

    10. Don't Frack the Fork - Video

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      We have jobs here - in Agriculture and Tourism. This video demonstrates what an amazing quality of life here, and why we want to preserve it.

    11. Reached 500 signatures
    12. Please add your thoughtful comments in the optional section - this is KEY

      Alison  Gannett
      Petition Organizer

      Sample ideas for thoughtful comments:

      My family vacations (or plans to vacation) at Holy Terror Farm - I wouldn't come if fracking were nearby.

      We come (or plan to come) to the farm to educate our children regarding where our food comes from.

      I buy food from Holy Terror Farm, and would not do that if any drilling was close to the farm.

      I buy only food that is local and chemical-free. The air, water and dust pollution associated with fracking would put this farm's livelihood and my food source in jeopardy.

      My children swim in Holy Terror Creek and Alison and Jason's pond for farm-stay vacations. Air and water quality are of utmost importance to our family.

      I plan on hunting and fishing next year and stay at Holy Terror Farm.

      Potential drilling noise, dust, roads, air and water pollution is not compatible with tourism and my vacation.

    13. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Martha McKie JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • 6 months ago

      Fracking is an unworkable, dangerous attempt at a solution to energy needs. Stop Fracking NOW. Be responsible to our fellow nations all over the planet and Ban Fracking Federally.

    • Diane Argenzio CARBONDALE, CO
      • 8 months ago

      For an entity {fracking/drilling and outdated government agencies} to be allowed to harm and destroy others with their chemical laden product is a travesty. That their poisonous product destroys the health, livelihood and land of others should be against the law. The law of God, nature and the land. I envision our governments protecting such places as the Holy Terror Farm. Look at all the good they are doing for so many. They should be held as an example and honored as a template for how it can be across the land. To heal and bless the land and all on it, all that come to it.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 9 months ago

      “ Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” ~Carl Sagan

    • ウオーカー デニス 大和市神奈川県, JAPAN
      • 9 months ago

      Oil drilling, fracking, and its associated destruction of the water table, the earth itself, and the future health of PEOPLE is not the freedom guaranteed to the PEOPLE. Oil companies should not be given dictatorial authority.

    • Stephen Lyons GAINESVILLE, FL
      • 9 months ago

      I am a part-time resident of Crested Butte Colorado and this is in my backyard!Eco-education and safe water and clean air are essential for the survival of the human race.


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