Naming of the Saugus High School Auditorium to be the "Nancy M. Lemoine - Jerome J. Mitchell Performing Arts Auditorium"

Naming of the Saugus High School Auditorium to be the "Nancy M. Lemoine - Jerome J. Mitchell Performing Arts Auditorium"

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      Lemoine-Mitchell Performing Arts Group

We are here as representatives of the many people who wish to honor the extraordinary educational careers of Nancy M. Lemoine and Jerome J. Mitchell.  Two groups of people have become one unified group and we come before you tonight as the Lemoine-Mitchell Performing Arts Group.  


We ask for the recognition of these two long time, unique and inspiring educators, who taught with passion in the Saugus School System.  Both of these fine teachers had musical backgrounds and stage talents, bringing these talents to their students and preparing each student to become responsible adults ready to join society, comfortably, upon graduation, with conviction and without fear.  This goal was accomplished repeatedly by both of these teachers and many of their students went on to pursue very successful careers in music, acting and countless other professions.

Both of these beloved people brought pride to our Town with the many State and National awards received for their teaching skills and their students’ talents.  We know first hand that Ms. Nancy M. Lemoine and Jerome J. Mitchell are remembered very fondly and their former students continue to be inspired by their example every day.  By honoring their excellence and telling their stories we can inspire the students of today and tomorrow and help reactivate excitement for the performing arts in the Saugus Schools.  Both Nancy and Jerome worked tirelessly teaching their craft and teaching life skills to enable their students to succeed beyond high school.  Their extraordinary lifetime achievements inspired countless youth, students and citizens of the Town of Saugus.


For some 40 plus years, Mr. Mitchell was a frequent user of the Saugus High School auditorium, in rehearsals as well as conducting his famed and talented Saugus High School band concerts throughout the school year including the production of an annual Christmas concert for the Town, all performed by his disciplined, talented Bands, Choruses, Baton Squads, Flag Squads and Dancers.


Likewise, Ms. Lemoine, utilized the Saugus High School auditorium for her rehearsals and presentations of her talented acting students in the many stage productions she directed.   Her Choral and Quartet groups also rehearsed and performed in the Saugus High School Auditorium on a regular basis throughout every school year that her students were blessed with her presence.

Therefore, we humbly ask you to sign this petition, to dedicate the Saugus High School Auditorium as the The Nancy M. Lemoine- Jerome J. Mitchell Performing Arts Auditorium.


Allowing this hard earned and well deserved honor for these two incredible role models at this time will ensure their memories will live on in the town for their dedicated educational contributions and help build momentum for the Performing Arts in the Saugus School System.

Naming of the Saugus High School Auditorium to be the "Nancy M. Lemoine - Jerome J. Mitchell Performing Arts Auditorium"

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    • Carol Webb SAUGUS, MA
      • 6 months ago

      Iwas a band parent and worked with Jerry and all of my children studied under him.

      • 6 months ago

      I was in the Band for over 4yrs and i was the most rewarding time of my life and having a Jerry the Jet as the director ijust made it amazing.

    • Theresa Kearney SAUGUS, MA
      • 7 months ago

      My daughters were proud members of the Saugus Bands during their school years. These wonderful people highly contributed to the performing arts community

    • Douglas Drake CHELMSFORD, MA
      • 8 months ago

      They did a lot for the town and deserve it.

    • ReBecca Panico SAUGUS, MA
      • 8 months ago

      former band member 84-88


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