Santa Barbara County Supervisors and State Representatives: Stop New Dirty Oil Development
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Santa Barbara County Supervisors and State Representatives: Stop New Dirty Oil Development

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      350 Santa Barbara

November 2013


This week the Santa Barbara County Supervisors narrowly voted to require a massive, energy-intensive oil project (the Santa Maria Energy project) to offset the majority of their greenhouse gas emissions. They cited the large number of petitions and letters they received opposing the project as a factor. This single decision will result in offsets of 40,000+ of tons of greenhouse gas pollution per year. If applied to future projects and codified in law, the impact of this decision in a shale oil region like ours could be massive. If we are to head off catastrophic climate change, it will take all of us demanding policies that move us away from fossil fuels toward renewable sources of energy. Here is proof that we can do it. 350 Santa Barbara

Tell Santa Barbara County Supervisors to reject the Santa Maria Energy Project. This 136 well oil drilling expansion would use immense amounts of water, contaminate air and water supplies and be one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in SB County history. If we are to head off devastating global warming, California should lead the way in transitioning to renewable energy and leave the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive oil in the ground. Santa Maria residents and the environment need to be protected.

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    1. Oil money flooding Santa Barbara County - share this video with area voters

      Chevron and other oil companies are flooding Santa Barbara County with record $6 million in effort to defeat Measure P, the Healthy Air and Water Initiative to Ban Fracking and other extreme oil extraction.

      This compelling short film directed by a documentary film-maker (Road to Fallujah) explains what's at stake:

      Please share it and tell everyone you know in Santa Barbara County to vote YES on Measure P to protect our country from fracking and other extreme oil extraction techniques.

      Watch This Before You Vote: Compelling Yes on Measure P Video

      A new and risky oil boom is starting to hit Santa Barbara County. The only way to go after these unconventional, heavy oil reserves is through high-intensity techniques like fracking, acidizing and steam injection that pose greater risk and harm to water, health and climate than conventional drilling.

    2. Robert Redford Appeals for Help for Santa Barbara County

      I'm sending this urgent request to help Santa Barbara County fight off millions of dollars of oil money flooding into the County to influence the November election.

      An oil front group largely funded by Chevron just transferred in another $1.6 million to defeat Measure P – the Healthy Air & Water Initiative seeking to head off a massive expansion in oil extraction using fracking, acidizing and steam injection.

      Please chip in $10 or $20 to help Santa Barbara County fight back!

      This influx of oil money shows how much they are planning to ramp up dangerous oil production in Santa Barbara County. If they get their way, thousands of new oil wells will waste and pollute millions of gallons of water, endanger human health with toxic chemicals and increase greenhouse gas emissions, making climate change worse.

      Chevron destroyed Santa Barbara with the 1969 oil spill. We can't let them do it again. If Measure P is defeated, oil companies will have a green light to pollute an area of great biodiversity and irreplaceable value.

      Will you act to help us today? All gifts through Sept 30 are being matched by The Center for Biological Diversity:

      Together we can pass Measure P and protect this beautiful County. Thank you!

      Robert Redford

    3. It’s hard to believe what’s planned in Santa Barbara County!


      It’s hard to believe – but if oil companies have their way, beautiful Santa Barbara County could see 10,000+ new oil wells using extreme new extraction techniques like fracking, acidizing and high-pressure steam injection. It would use up limited water, contaminate water supplies right next to our farms and food, and generate air pollution equivalent to a million cars, making climate change worse.

      Please chip in $10 or $20 to save Santa Barbara County! Every dollar doubled this week:

      We have one shot to head off this expansion. Santa Barbara County will vote on the Healthy Air & Water Initiative -- Measure P -- in Nov to ban future use of these extreme extraction techniques. If passed, it will send a message that we will not destroy unique places like this and put our food and water and health at risk to get every last drop of oil.

      We need as many people as possible to chip in whatever you can afford. We’re up against millions from big oil:

      "Measure P campaign has a symbolic weight that has not been lost on energy executives . . . In 1969, the county's scenic coastline was befouled by an oil spill that served as a catalyst for the modern environmental movement and spawned some of the nation's core anti-pollution laws . . . Chevron Corp. and other energy companies have hired a team of California's top political consultants to fight the measure." – LA Times Front-Page August 18, 2014

      Instead of drilling for more oil in Santa Barbara County, we need to build the clean energy economy of the future. And if we do that, we can help inspire the rest of the state and the nation to do it too.

      But we can’t do it without your help. Please make a donation to save Santa Barbara County. Every dollar this week will be doubled!

      Please spread the word!

      August Donation Challenge

      Front-line in the battle against big oil: largest oil fracking fight in the nation Front-line in the battle against climate change: 10,000+ wells generating emissions equivalent to a million cars If we win, Santa Barbara County can lead in clean energy. If we lose, we'll see a massive increase in polluting, water-intensive oil production.

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    • Teresa Johnson SANTA BARBARA, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Our health and even survival depends on SAYING NO to any more insane practices that are created and forced upon us by those driven by greed and a lack of respect for the environment and humanity as a whole. They have to be stopped before it is too late. Hopefully it isn't already.

    • Joel Fithian SANTA BARBARA, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Water quality would be compromised. The amount of water used is a big concern. The oil produced will add to our emissions. We should focus on cleaner energy.

    • Lois Hamilton SANTA BARBARA, CA
      • 8 months ago

      This is important because California and its people cannot afford to waste water, which is in very short supply, to pollute our ground water, or possibly contribute enough seismic activity to cause an earthquake so close to the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant. Can you imagine having to evacuate the city of Santa Barbara, with only one freeway out of the city. I thought that California's plan was to be the first state to fully transition into renewable energy. This is nuts!

    • Audrey Fabre SAN DIEGO, CA
      • 11 months ago

      our planet needs clean water! To survive and to grow!

    • Shawn von Biela ARROYO GRANDE, CA
      • 12 months ago

      This drilling will destroy ground water and in turn our planet.


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