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Reconsider the dismissal of Brian Panetta, SMCC Band Director

    1. Cody Reed
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      Cody Reed

      Willard, OH


We, the undersigned, wish to express concern at the recent dismissal of Brian Panetta, Sandusky St. Mary's band director, this past week. As the director for nearly five years, he served in excellence for the school and his students. However, with the announcement of his recent engagement to his fiancé, the school found it needed to relieve themselves of his service. We, the undersigned, feel this to be an unfair application of religious doctrine. If Brian's conduct and personal life were obviously of no concern to the school during his first four years of tenure at SMCC, it should stand to reason that his recent engagement should still not be of anyone's concern.

At a time when instructors, especially competent and well-respected ones, are in shorter supply, the notion that an entity should relieve themselves of a person who has been a commendable asset to countless children's lives simply because of some vague idea of "morality" does a disservice to the city of Sandusky, St. Mary's Central Catholic, the staff, and most notably the students, especially the not-insignificant number who are growing up as LGBT and are now losing a role model in their day-to-day lives.

We, the undersigned, wish to make it known that we STRONGLY disagree with the school's decision, and wish to see Mr. Panetta reinstated.

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    • Greg Higgins NORWALK, OH
      • 9 months ago

      Way to hide behind the shield of religion SMCC! It certainly does validate Brian's firing for you doesn't it? No more federal tax breaks for this school. SMCC and Bishop Watterson, Ohio's two hate mongering private schools!

      Brian, congratulations to you and your future husband.


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