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California High School Varsity Basketball Manager
San Ramon Unified Valley School District

Make a public apology for forcing Bob Donovan to resign as Head Coach

    1. Oren Abrahams
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      Oren Abrahams

      San Ramon, CA

The school board was to scared to stand up to a parent and has ruined Bob Donovan's reputation and apart of his life. They banned him from ever coaching in the SRVUSD again. All because a parent's email campaing to try to get Donovan fired. The school board is WRONG and needs to appoligize for the wrong they have done.

San Ramon Unified Valley School District, California High School Varsity Basketball Manager
Make a public apology for forcing Bob Donovan to resign as Head Coach of the Varsity Basketball team and admit to being wrong.

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    • Chika Asakawa SAN RAMON, CA
      • 10 months ago

      Signing this petition is important to me because I had Mr. Donovan as a Government teacher during my senior year at California High school and he was an amazing teacher. I know that he would never do a thing as harass a student when he cares so much for them. When someone is accused of something they didn't do I don't want to see them go down. Especially someone who I've known.

    • Debbie Kadiyala SAN RAMON, CA
      • 11 months ago

      I hope Mr Donovan knows his reputation is NOT ruined. I recently worked alongside a young (twenty something) volunteer at my job in healthcare and when she heard my sons are at Cal High, she told me about her former teacher Mr D and how fabulous he was. SO, it isn't that easy to ruin a reputation folks.

    • Mary Princiotta DANA POINT, CA
      • 11 months ago

      I am terribly disappointed with San Ramon's School District's decision to forse Bob Donovan to resign. I am appalled of their lack of support of their Faculty. I am a former parent and Booster President at Cal High and was very much involved with the schools faculty. Bob Donovan was actively supportive in the Boosters efforts in school improvements and in Booster Activities. Bob is an honorable and respectful man, encouraged and supported his students and developed an interactive report with the parents. This deeply saddens me. Feel free to contact me if needed in Bob Donovan's defense. Our family have since moved to Southern California but if their is a need for more Parental Support on his behalf I would not hesitant to fly to Nor-Cal in effort to defend him. Bob Donovan is worth fighting for. He's a keeper.

    • brandon bell SAN RAMON, CA
      • 11 months ago

      Donovan was phenomenal teacher and a good man. These acquisitions against him are a shame. And even if you don't believe my word for how good he is; there was still no evidence of him doing any wrong. So if this is still America he is innocent until found guilty.

    • Mary Lark SAN RAMON, CA
      • 11 months ago

      Absolutely outrageous! Anonymous accusations and SRVUSD's failure to accept responsibility for hiring decisions has ruined this man's life. At a MINIMUM, SRVUSD should provide for this man through retirement!


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