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San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Improve Conditions on Alpine Road

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      Alpine Road

      Menlo Park, CA

Safety and Traffic Issues

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    • Frances Sun MENLO PARK, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Alpine Road is a narrow curvy road on which many drivers speed. Given the people who walk and bike on the road, we are put at increased risk from the large construction trucks.

    • Mel Rubin PORTOLA VALLEY, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Yesterday while riding my bicycle up Alpine Road, a younger dad thanked me for pulling out into the traffic lane, so he and his young passenger could pass me. Neither of us were prepared to ride our bikes on the road and stayed on the trail as it still exists.

      This morning I read about the agreement Stanford and Palo Alto reached to spend the $10.4 million our supervisors rejected. Their supervisors approved the agreement unanimously. What really hurts is the supervisors rejected our opportunity to meet and discuss ideas to improve Alpine Road with no cost to the county.

      Now, we wait while no improvements are being made and any attempts are inadequate at best.

      Hopefully, this petition, will at least restart the process of discussing fixes for Alpine Road and the creek.

    • Susan Cohen MENLO PARK, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Who will bear the cost when the Stanford trucks have completely torn up Alpine Road?

      • almost 2 years ago

      As a resident of unincorporated San mateo County, the Board of Supervisors is the only government to which I can appeal.

      Alpine Rd. has become an unsafe, tedious bottle-neck:

      It is an obnoxiously overcrowded extension of the 280 on- and off-ramps for much of any day. Cars pouring off of 280 in the morning with little regard for local traffic fill Alpine Rd. from that intersection to and beyond Santa Cruz until late in the morning. Traffic to 280 fills Alpine Rd. and the Santa Cruz intersection for much of the afternoon.

      Congestion is compounded by the terribly uncoordinated, traffic-insensitive traffic control at the Sand Hill-Santa Cruz-Alpine-Junipero Serra intersection which Menlo Park deems satisfactory, but no local drivers do.

      Recent large Menlo Park and Stanford construction projects have added an unrelenting parade of heavy double-bottom trucks and equipment to this narrow, curvy, 2-lane road. Massive bull dowers, cranes and other wide-tall-heavy loads

      Such congestion severely restricts access to the hospitals and communities for residents along the Alpine Rd. corridor, sometimes taking over 30 minutes to reach downtown Menlo Park or Palo Alto.

      The Highway patrol apparently is responsible for traffic enforcement on Alpine Rd; the County Sheriff apparently has no jurisdiction. Consequently, with the CHP concentrating on 280 (rightfully), we very rarely see anyone monitoring speed and compliance with other traffic laws.

      Alpine Road was never designed, nor constructed, or maintained to be a 280 off ramp with heavy trucks and continues congestion. It degrades the road and adds to the county’s maintenance headaches and resident’s frustration. It also adds considerable pollution, with cars and trucks dragging along at 15 miles/hr. just trying to get through the mess.

      Alpine Road should be closed to large trucks and similar vehicles. Surely 4-lane Sand Hill and Page Mill can carry this load.

    • nancy welch MENLO PARK, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is important to me because I don't wish to end up in the same hospital that is causing much of the problem. It is risky to get on Alpine from Bishop lane until after 10 in the morning going East and near impossible//dangerous to go west. Sandhill and Page MIll are 2 (4) lane thoroughfares Alpine's 1 lane needs to be a considered, from 280 to Junipero Serra, as residential. A few stop signs would discourage trucks and all the commuters who are in a mad rush in the mornings and evenings. Stanford has put stop signs all along Campus Drive to discourage traffic through the Campus. Well let's do the same to discourage their fast ride from 280 to the campus. We are the only "free way" of the 3 roads. Sandhill and Page Mill have stop lights- No wonder they all prefer our little uninterpreted Alpine. Three stop signs one at each of our major intersections would discourage traffic and would slow those who persisted way down. ( BUT hey you can put more in if you wish) please give us some relief the blinking slow down light sign that was tried was in the wrong place, at least for Bishop Lane, and didn't do any good that I could see any way. Surely you can come up with a solution before there are more deaths to deal with.


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