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Take liability for a death they caused.
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San Antonio Police Department

Take liability for a death they caused.

    1. Mark Ortega
    2. Petition by

      Mark Ortega

      Austin, TX

My mother, Laura Zepeda, was T-Boned on the passenger side by a San Antonio Police officer on the evening of January 9, 2012. Since that day my mom never came home and was in the hospital, a nursing home, and Hospice care until 5/4/2012 when she passed away.

We've all seen the cops who blaze through a traffic lights, don't yield, or turn on their lights just so they can get to the corner store or a restaurant without being inconvenienced. We all know it happens, but Officer Elizabeth Padron's lack of yielding at a red light caused my 41 year-old mother's death. Our tax dollars are still paying Officer Padron's salary even though she caused an innocent citizen's death. Where is the justice in that?

Did you know the city of San Antonio has an expense cap of $250,000? My mother was in SAMMC for 2 1/2 months. Her bill reached the City of San Antonio's limit of $250,000 in only two weeks. So, now my family is in a lot of debt, but most importantly, my siblings and I are left without a mother. How can the city and the police department not have any liability in this? What happened to my mom could happen to anyone.

When is the police department going to "crack down" on police who don't follow the rules and drive badly. Most major companies have signs on the backs of the vehicles saying "call this number if I am driving badly".

Here in Texas, if you murder an on duty police officer, it is capital murder. What happens when an officer hits an innocent citizen and passes away as a direct cause? Well as of the 9th of January, nothing has happened.

We will bury my mom on Thursday. Something needs to change. This isn't right.

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    • Monica Gonzalez SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • over 2 years ago


    • Megan O'Malley SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I worked with Laura up until a few months before the accident happened. I saw what a beautiful person she was; inside and out. It literally brought me to tears when I heard she had passed. I was deeply saddened to know that her children would be without their mother for some of the most important moments in their lives. There was not a day she didn't mention them. She would glow whenever sharing a story or a picture of her wonderful children. They were truly her pride and joy. RIP Laura.

    • Catalina Ponce SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      One too many times hav e I seen officers take advantage of their title and show disregard for standard driving rules. Hypocrisy.

    • carlos tyre SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      it is long overdue for so called "police officers" to be held accountable for the things they do. far too often these people think that just because they have a badge and a gun that they can lord over, intimidate and harass local citizens. im not saying that the locals are angels, however, whenever a situation arises, these "police officers" need to react with professionalism and responsibility. not handle the situation in just any manner they feel at the time. this is when police officers become criminals. these are the worst of all the criminals because they have someone else in a unique position of helping them stay out of trouble not unlike some of our citys judges who go out and are found driving while being under the influence of alcohol. all of their friends want to jump up and help them out of trouble. we have a district attorney who helped out her sons friend who was speeding, had drugs and a firearm. led police on a highspeed chase to the international airport where he was later apprehended. unfortunately he did not get into any trouble because his best friends mother was the district attorney. again, no names being mentioned here, but i think we all know who im referring to. if anyone of us law abiding citizens were to commit any of the crimes that these elected officials were to do we'd be the first ones arrested and held to answer for our mistakes. why cant we as taxpayers expect the same from those who go out everyday and supposedly protect us?? if its wrong for one to do it, then its wrong for all to do it. why is it okay for one person to pardon another for something that would, if anyone ELSE were to do it, land us in jail with the threat of doing some hard time behind it?? if a police officer were to hit and kill another innocent person, then the police officer needs to be held accountable for his actions. any person who may be in law enforcement who tries to allow what happened to go without being punished is immediately guilty of being an accessory after the fact. but i guess that doesnt go for ''law enforcement officers". well, as i was raised, if its good for the goose, then its good for the gander. since we pay their salary, why cant we, why DONT we, voice our thoughts and let them know that this type of behavior is completely unnecessary and will not be tolerated?? the officer that struck this young lady, the chief of police had an OBLIGATION to look into the incident and perform an investigation. nothing was done. remember the officer that shot and killed the teenage boy who was skipping school?? nothing ever happened to that officer either. when is the madness going to stop?? the more we as people, as citizens, as a community continue to allow this type of behavior to continue, the more the department will continue to tell you that what theyre doing is policy. lets take our community back from the criminals that police our town, our city, our neighborhoods. these criminals need to be taken off of the force and dealt with accordingly. help me and everyone else by signing this petition!!

    • ernest martinez SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I dont think in the rules and laws passed law enforcement officers are excused from any punishment or liabilities they should face if involved in accidents when they are in the wrong. Of course they dont see that until one of their own familiy members are involved in a situation of who is truely responsible.


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