Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones and Inspector General Lee Dean; STOP Concealing a Hate Crime & Police Misconduct
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Terri Hall
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Kamala Harris

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones and Inspector General Lee Dean; STOP Concealing a Hate Crime & Police Misconduct

    1. J W
    2. Petition by

      J W

      Sacramento, CA

We need to remind the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept and Board of Supervisor's of California's Constitution ARTICLE 1  DECLARATION OF RIGHTS

Sacramento Sheriff's deputy, Sgt. Matt Reali, placed this citizen under a criminal threats investigation (California Penal Code Sections 422-422.1 TITLE 11.5. CRIMINAL THREATS) because the citizen had a felony complaint filed with the Sacramento Superior Court's, Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission

Sgt. Matt Reali, investigated criminal threats on behalf of the board of supervisors, superior court, county council and probation dept; Sgt. Reali, stated that "writing so many letters" was the reason for the investigation.

Reali, threatened this citizen with arrest and other repercussions. Lt. Matt Morgan, Prof. Standards Div. Chief, called this citizen and also threatened by asserting that arrest and any unfavorable facts would be aggressively used against this citizen.

Sacramento juvenile court house deputy, Sgt Ebe, got into the fray by appearing in riot gear after having three deputies surround this citizen in that court house; Sgt. Ebe, made several threats of arrest for passing out a flyer, and documents to the juvenile commission, when asked what law was being violated, Ebe state it was his law.

Four citizen complaints (Penal Code 832.5) were filed against these three. The county Inspector General, Lee Dean, under a 2007 county charter mandate stated there would be no investigation; IG Dean, is a former Sheriff's dept employee.

By supporting this petition tell the Sacramento Sheriff's and County Supervisors that no one is above the law and that we don't want a corrupt sheriff's dept.

Sheriff Scott Jones, has been unavailable for comment and won't take any phone calls or respond to emails.

County Supervisor Chair, Roberta MacGlashen, 2010-2011, played a key role in the subversion of the facts by ignoring a GC 27641, accusation against county council, Robert Ryan, Jr., for giving unsound legal advice to the superior court's juvenile commission who didn't know the Brown Act.


Please also support the education and medical rights of foster youth.



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    1. Sheriff's Secretary Lynette

      J W
      by J W
      Petition Organizer

      Sheriff Scott Jones' secretary Lynette had some interesting feedback today as to why the sheriff's won't investigate four penal code citizen complaints required under law. Lynette, with an apparent inside grasp of the issues stated the district attorney and courts had already investigated; when pressed for details there were none; she was offended at the suggestion that wrongdoing is taking place, she said the police don't lie and break laws. When documents were offered to settle the matter, she wasn't interested.

    2. 100! What's wrong with Sacramento county officials?

      J W
      by J W
      Petition Organizer

      I know the county has quality elected officials and workers, but the problems rest with a combination of some rotten apples and institutions that are much more powerful than elected officials. Another words, business as usual.

      If you are an elected/appointed official who can't protect our constitutional rights, feel free to step down.

    3. Reached 100 signatures
    4. Public Officials must Perform their Official Duties

      J W
      by J W
      Petition Organizer

      "The men and women who serve in the sheriff’s department do a difficult, dangerous and often thankless job. The vast majority of these men and women do their jobs well and with integrity. We owe them our thanks for putting their lives on the line to protect us. Unfortunately, as is the case with any large organization, there are going to be some who do not follow the rules and who misuse their authority."---State Assemblymember, Dave Jones, 2006

    5. Reached 50 signatures
    6. Thanks for the Supporting this Petition

      J W
      by J W
      Petition Organizer

      We depend on government officials to do their jobs.

    7. Reached 25 signatures
    8. A group of us are trying to get justice in Sacramento. Thanks for support

      J W
      by J W
      Petition Organizer

      If you have any questions or ideas call us 209-470-5175

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    Reasons for signing

    • Anna Patino OAKLAND, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Help make Oakland a better place. Children shouldn't be caught in the violence!

    • Brian Peter Hawes ALAMO, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Anything with denying due process rights is NOT COOL BY ME!

    • Thomas Gage WARREN, NJ
      • almost 3 years ago

      Since a sheriff is elected by the people to serve the people, then, he is the Supreme Law Officer of the County who is accountable to serve the People of County.

      As a Sheriff elected by the people, have sworn to protect and serve them. His duty should not be affected, influenced and diminished by the violations committed by judges, powerful law firms and federal officials who violate the law for their political agendas.

      With his Oath of Enforcement Officer, who have sworn that: he will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; he will take his duties very seriously; he will always do his utmost to live up to the principals of his duties; and he have read the Constitution and know what it says and what he is defending. As he serve as Sheriff the good people of his County and take the role as Chief Law Enforcement Officer and Constitutional Defender very seriously, then he know that, All Sheriffs, under Article VI, Paragraph-3, are duty-bound through Oath Affirmation to 'Protect, Defend and Support the Constitution of these United States. This makes American Sheriffs very unique as Law Enforcers in our Constitutional Republic and the office of the Sheriff is a unique and special Constitutional office as part of the Check and Balance System. When a man or a woman becomes Sheriff, he takes on the special duty of preserving and protecting the rights, liberties, and freedoms of the people within his county against unlawful acts, including any unlawful act committed by public officials working in the government within his county.

      For over 200 years, the office of county Sheriff in the United States has been an office that is controlled by the sovereign people through the election process. The Sheriff is elected as their choice to take hold as the chief law enforcement officer in the county. The people place great trust in him to provide protection for themselves against unlawful acts of all kinds, including usurpation and sedition. This also includes illegal acts by agencies of government. The Sheriff takes an oath to uphold, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State in which his county is located. There is no lawful authority for judges, nor for a court, to direct the law enforcement activities of a county Sheriff. He is not part of the judicial system. He holds executive power. Unbeknown to most Sheriffs, he can set up a court, empanel a jury, and even try judges and federal officials who violate the law. Ultimately, a Sheriff, based on his constitutional foundation, has the power to respond faster to citizens' complaints and remedy them by handling their concerns. Unfortunately, these ideals no longer echo in the hearts of some of our elected Sheriffs who, instead, through their “Corrupt” actions, defy them as they choose to be the Domestic enemies of "WE the People". My family and I have experienced firsthand the ugliness and destructive effects of our local government “Corruption”! Please, Go to: ( ) and help vote to investigate our case. Thanks.

    • VicToRia Carlson HUNTSVILLE, AL
      • almost 3 years ago

      i m seein this good petition,well needed i agree because CHILDREN of such innocenc

      is involve, so thx for sharing it i see it on the petition growing under Sue Cps in the Fed.

      Court, etc. i agree wit that one too.and god speed to us all. great petition here.Good luck

      Du process been ignore too long. till u r goin to sue,it seem THEN it change.

    • larry rohman CLAYTON, MO
      • almost 3 years ago

      Thank you for helping free Willie. Good luck on your cause.


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