Russia and China's Ambassadors to the UN: Stop Violence in Syria and sign the U.N's Resolution!!!
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Russia and China's Ambassadors to the UN
Vitaly Churkin and Li Baodong

Russia and China's Ambassadors to the UN: Stop Violence in Syria and sign the U.N's Resolution!!!

    1. Richard Seeger
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      Richard Seeger

      Cheboygan, MI

Breaking News: THEY STILL WON'T DO ANYTHING, BUT ONLY VETO (SAY NO TO)  IT!!!:,0,5418763.story 

What Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations had to say:


Over at least 39,511  to more than 40,129 (many different sources say different) Syrians have been killed, 435 foreign civilians along with 2 turkish pilots killed, 1,200,000 displaced, and 335,000-500,000 refugees who had to escape for their safety since March 15th 2011 in which the Syrian Uprising which is now a Civil War started.

This petition basically asks that the U.N. Security Council members of China and Russia to sign the U.N. Resolution to end the violence there, since they are the only two out of all the other 13 member states that have done so.

So why not? We can only speculate their actual reasons, but Russa first said because of "concerns that it could leave an opening for a foreign intervention against one of its loyal client states". The U.N. then had to change it several times to ease those concerns, they had to reword language about the transition of power and to get rid of the possibility of future sanctions against the Assad regime.

Unknown why Russia said no this time, but it sadly could because given that Russia has continued to sell weapons to Syria. Maybe not for China's ambassador Li Baodong who claims it is because the council won't take up amendments proposed by Russia. He said no because of quote "it would further complicate the situation".

A recent article has said this:

"The bloodshed has led to broad condemnation of the regime, although Russia, Iran and China have stood by President Bashar Assad. Russia and China have vetoed two Security Council resolutions that threatened sanctions against Syria.

Russia has refused to support any move that could lead to foreign intervention in Syria, Moscow's last significant ally in the Middle East. Moscow's pro-Syria stance also is motivated by its strategic and defense ties to Damascus, including weapons sales." (; on June 11th 2012)


Whatever their problems, this petition finally says it again, Russia and China, PLEASE JUST SIGN THE RESOLUTION AND END VIOLENCE IN SYRIA!!!

 This Petition finally asks, when this Civil War is over, that Russia and China are hold somewhat accountable for letting so many lives be lost when they could have stopped it from even happening, along with they could have had stopped it during the war itself as the orginal intention of this Petition.




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    2. Russia and China STILL VETOING the Resolution

      Richard Seeger
      Petition Organizer

      As of July 19th 2012, China and Russia's Abassadors for the Untied Nations have Vetoed (said no to) the U.N. Resoultion to stop the violence in Syria. U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Susan Rice has noted of the current outrage at what now appears Russia and China WANT TO CONTINUE THE VIOLENCE AND DEATH OF THE SYRIAN PEOPLE.
      Please indeed share this petition as much as you can on news websites so hopefully this can make a difference in ending this conflict.

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