Urge Early Release of Blasphemy Victims in Pakistan
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Urge Early Release of Blasphemy Victims in Pakistan

    1. Petition by

      Jesus World Mission


Dear Brethren,

We appreciate Eurpoean Union pressing the Pakistani government to raise moratorium to prevent minority victimization allowed by legal loopholes. Please help us and the government of Pakistan in early release of Zaffar Bhatti, Chairman Jesus World Mission and other blasphemy victims in Pakistan. 

When the cleric falsely accusing Rimsha Masih is released, when the militants and extremists are released for lack of evidence, how come we get all witnesses against the poor and helpless? Do we keep innocents in jail to protect them from criminals free outside? Any argument for blasphemy law is rendered none to such effect by Jesus own words:

"Anything you say against The Son of Man shall be forgiven, but anything you say against The Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven." 

Is respect of G-d not more important than man and money?


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    1. Rosary of Lady of Fatima

      Salaam O Mary, Full of Grace, The LORD is with you, Thou Art Blessed Among Women. Blessed is The Seed of Thy Womb, JESUS. O Holy Mary, Mother of The LORD, Pray for Us Sinners, Now and On Our Death Time. Amen.

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      A photo essay narrating fears of aged people across the globe and the troubles they face in their part of the world.

    2. We also pray for Israel, the seed of women, the fruit of paradise


      What are your fears?

      A photo essay narrating fears of aged people across the globe and the troubles they face in their part of the world.

    3. Please Pray Now with Thankfullness and Grace. Amen

      Now we start praying for all the men of old age, from whom we make a new world of eternity http://dawn.com/news/1049720

      What are your fears?

      A photo essay narrating fears of aged people across the globe and the troubles they face in their part of the world.

    4. Thank You Jesus: Human Chain now worn in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

      Sowing tolerance: Activists make human chain at Islamabad church

      ISLAMABAD: Amidst the government's jaded promises of greater protection for minorities, it is Pakistan's civil society, which has taken the charge to send across the message of tolerance. In recent weeks, an alliance with the hashtag 'Pakistan for All' has triggered discourse on religious and sectarian intolerance, to gather a chagrined realm of people under a single banner calling for an end to violence.

    5. Voice of The Persecuted - For Zaffar Bhatti

      Prisoner Alert Sent 105282
      Prisoner Alert Viewed 21006
      Government Officials Emailed 46
      Encouraging Letters Written 256

    6. Prisoner Alert profile highlight: Zafar Bhatti Sept 6, 2013

      Prisoner Zafar Bhatti
      PrisonerAlert- Zafar Bhatti is accused of blasphemy under Pakistan’s 295C blasphemy law. He was charged in July 2012, based on rumors that he insulted Muhammad’s mother in text messages. Zafar worked selling medicines, and he often went door-to-door with his presentation. He also used those opportunities to share Christ in the various homes, reading the Bible and praying with families. He also established a small NGO called “Jesus World Mission” whose purpose was to assist the poor.

      On July 11, 2012, he was accused by a fellow NGO worker of sending blasphemous text messages from a mobile phone that she had given him. Zafar and his wife left the village to avoid a massive riot. Police arrested him on July 26, charging him under 295c of the legal code, which are informally call

      Voice of the Persecuted

      KASUR: 13 August,2013, A new case of blasphemy in Phool Nagar (old name Bhai Pheru), the issue of blasphemy resolved in a case where nthe accused is minor boy and a Muslim.

    7. Blasphemy: A Moratorium Urgently Needed-Catholic News,Oct 8 2013

      Faisalabad (Agenzia Fides) – The new case of Christian Arif Masih, falsely accused victim of blasphemy, relaunches the proposal for a moratorium on the application of the blasphemy law in Pakistan. Paul Bhatti, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for religious minority affairs, welcomes the proposal circulating in civil society in Pakistan, and that is finding the support from intellectuals, journalists, scholars and human rights activists.

      “We urgently need to find a solution to prevent this abuse of the law. We can start with a moratorium or consider amendments. But we must also work to change the mentality and culture in Pakistan where there are individuals and organisations who use this law to create disharmony and social tension,” says Bhatti.


    8. Protect human rights by tackling corruption, October 7, 2013

      Emerging economies offer seductive opportunities for European investors at a time of little or no growth in Europe. But how much do we care about working conditions and human rights in the countries we do business with? On Tuesday MEPs vote on a resolution calling for an anti-corruption law that would freeze the assets of foreign officials guilty of breaching human rights and prevent them from entering the EU. We talked to resolution author Ana Gomes, a Portuguese member of the S&D group.

    9. 'One Nation, One Blood'

      A human chain was formed outside St Anthony's Church in Lahore to protect Christians during Sunday mass.

    10. HRCP welcomes continuation of death penalty moratorium October 7, 20

      Lahore, October 4: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has welcomed the federal government’s announcement on continuing the moratorium on capital punishment and has called for a thorough review of the death penalty regime in the country...

      It is important now that Pakistan moves beyond the informal moratorium that has been tried in the country in the last few years... Nothing has diminished concerns of the people about the miscarriage of justice through the various stages of investigation and adjudication.

      HRCP calls upon the government to expeditiously move to address these concerns as well.”

      Zohra Yusuf


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    12. Human Chain for Peace in front of St. Anthony Church, Lahore

      Muslim Maseehi Ittehad Zindabad: Long Live Muslim-Christian Unity


    13. The Humanitarian Army Stance

      Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws

      Group Captain (Rtd) Cecil Chaudry, Human Rights Campaigner, talks to Shane Greer in One to One about Pakistan's blasphemy laws which rather than protect the name of God, are used to settled petty scores and disputes with disastrous results for those affected. Full prorgramme here: http://doughty.gdbtv.com/player.php?h=e3f66f1b0bb12e000cc9be503ce5b68b

    14. Pakistan Blasphemy Laws face scrutiny - Al-Jazira TV

      Pakistan blasphemy laws face scrutiny

      Pakistan's blasphemy laws are facing scrutiny after the recent arrest of a young Christian girl accused of burning pages from the Quran.The laws, which were first formalised in 1860 during the British rule, carry a death sentence for anyone convicted of insulting Islam.Critics say they are being exploited to target religious minorities.Al Jazeera's Imtiaz Tyab looks at the harsh effects of the law in this report from Islamabad.

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    16. Zardari urges govt to review offences carrying death penalty -- DAWN.com

      ISLAMABAD, Oct 5: Former president Asif Ali Zardari has urged the government to thoroughly review the offences in which death penalty is awarded in the light of religious obligations and conditions prevailing in the country. The former president said Pakistan had also signed and ratified a number of international agreements that obligated it to accept the international human rights mechanisms.
      “The second protocol of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, signed by Pakistan, calls for abolition of the death penalty and cannot be ignored for too long,” he added.
      Mr Zardari said capital punishment was irreversible and no remedy was available if it’s established later that the executed person was innocent. “The nation has still not recovered from the after effects of the execution of Pakistan’s first directly elected prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto through dubious and politically motivated proceedings,” he said.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jerry Miller LIBERTY, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      This is a clear case of Religious persecution and if nations are to exist in peace with one another, we must do it based on civil and human rights or not at all~ That's the lesson of history~

    • mubshar gill KHUSHāB, PAKISTAN
      • about 1 year ago

      Because I am Christian..

    • Ehsan Ahmad Khan LAHORE, PAKISTAN
      • about 1 year ago

      Humanity always stands first

      • about 1 year ago

      Jesus is god.

    • Eleonore Villarrubia RICHMOND, LA
      • about 1 year ago

      Blasphemy laws are barbaric.


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