Roseanne is facing a lifetime in prison because of her disability. Stop the neglect.
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Roseanne is facing a lifetime in prison because of her disability. Stop the neglect.

    1. Ian Mckinlay
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      Ian Mckinlay


June 2014


We did it, she’s going to be freed! After three months of campaigning, 120,000 signatures and countless meetings with government in both NT and WA - Roseanne will be released from prison on Monday, and be placed in supported care back in Alice Springs. This is such a relief, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that every single one of you signed my petition and shone the spotlight on this case. After 22 months in prison, without conviction, Roseanne will be released because good people decided to do something! You can see a report about this on ABC’s Lateline by clicking here:

UPDATE: We've made incredible progress on freeing Roseanne. Locked up in prison indefinitely because of her disability, without being guilty of a crime – your signatures have helped convince the NT Government to start moving to free her.

She's not out of jail yet, but after 18 months in prison they're moving. There are reports that over 30 other Aboriginal people with intellectual disabilities are in prison indefinitely just like Roseanne still – and that's not good enough. 

I'm keeping my petition open and asking Prime Minister Tony Abbott to lead on a national strategy to end this shameful practice. 

Please keep signing and sharing my petition to Free Roseanne and the other 30 Aboriginal people with intellectual disabilities in prison indefinitely.


Roseanne is 24 years old, locked in a prison indefinitely – yet has not been convicted of any crime. She has foetal alcohol brain damage, and the NT Government is refusing to provide care for her, instead leaving her locked up in prison.

I am her legal guardian. She called me last night distraught, wondering why she is locked in a cold concrete cell, not understanding what she has done wrong, wondering when she will get out.

Roseanne's cycle of abuse and neglect growing up was truly shocking. At 5 years old she was being traded for sex. After years of abuse, as a young woman she committed some minor crimes, was deemed "unfit to plead" because of her disability – and like many other Aboriginal men and women ended up under indefinite prison-based supervision.

Roseanne has now been in prison for 18 months. She hasn't been convicted of a crime.

The NT Government has wiped their hands of her. Despite building a brand new facility to care for people like Roseanne – the NT government is refusing to offer her a secure care placement that would allow her release. But it seems they think it'll save a few dollars keeping her in jail instead of in proper care.

As any parent will understand, it breaks my heart to hear her fragile and distraught voice, knowing there is somewhere better for her to go, and knowing that she continues to suffer because government bureaucracy won’t facilitate her transfer back to Alice Springs.

They're leaving Roseanne in prison, neglected, forgotten and ignored. She is desperately sad and wants to return to the NT. She deserves care and kindness, not prison bars and more abuse.

Please help me get this vulnerable girl into the supported care she needs, and leave our prisons for criminals. Sign my petition.

You can watch ABC Lateline coverage of the issue here.


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    1. Rosie to return home! Lateline report:

      Ian Mckinlay
      Petition Organizer
      Rosie to return home

      Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 25/06/2014 Reporter: John Stewart Rosie Fulton, a mentally impaired Aboriginal woman who has been held in a West Australian jail without trial or conviction for 21 months is to be moved to Alice Springs to be closer to her family.

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    • Michelle Sheldrake BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      Roseanne is a human being like us all and is entitles to the highest level of care and support that her medical condition requires

      • 4 months ago

      This appears to be discrimatory as I don't know of any white people in gaol because of a disability.

      • 4 months ago

      Congratulation job well done best and kind wishes from now on Rudolf Brink...

    • David Johnson MOSMAN, AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      Is not humane and it is difficult to believe people can be in prison without charge or conviction

    • Catherine Sterling AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      I am ashamed of how my country treats the disabled.


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