Ronan Dunne, Telefonica Uk CEO: Stop the outsourcing
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Ronan Dunne, Telefonica Uk CEO: Stop the outsourcing

    1. John Colbert
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      John Colbert

      London, United Kingdom

As a customer of o2 I'm appalled at the news that the company is
outsourcing thousands of their own directly employed staff as well as
making hundreds of workers redundant too. A large proportion of their
employees are young people living in already high unemployment areas
such Leeds, Bury, Glasgow and Preston Brook on the outskirts of
Warrington. They all face uncertainty for their futures and feel
utterly betrayed by the stark reality of what o2 are doing. Large
multi-national companies like Telefonica o2 have a moral duty to uphold
by keeping directly employed jobs in house and in the country that they
trade. They should not look to outsource work or jobs as they want our
business but not employees. Shame on you o2..

Ronan Dunne, Telefonica UK CEO
Stop the outsourcing

[Your name]

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    2. Check your inboxes

      John Colbert
      Petition Organizer

      Roman Dunne has replied to our questions so go a check your inboxes.

    3. Decision-maker Ronan Dunne responds:

      Ronan Dunne

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for all your comments. I want to make sure you have the correct information as well as answers to any questions you have had, so please see the information below.


    4. Decision-maker Ronan Dunne responds:

      Ronan Dunne


      What happens after the 2 years?

      This deal guarantees two years job security for our people transferring to Capita. There will be more job opportunities for colleagues within Capita than if they remained at Telefonica ...

    5. Decision-maker Ronan Dunne responds:

      Ronan Dunne

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for all your comments. I want to make sure you have the correct information as well as answers to any questions you have had, so please see the information below.

      Why have we made this decision?


    6. Decision-maker Ronan Dunne responds:

      Ronan Dunne

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for all your comments. I want to make sure you have the correct information as well as answers to any questions you have had, so please see the information below.

      Why have we made this decision?


    7. Decision-maker Ronan Dunne responds:

      Ronan Dunne

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for all your comments. I want to make sure you have the correct information as well as answers to any questions you have had, so please see the information below.

      Why have we made this decision?


    8. o2 & Capita

      John Colbert
      Petition Organizer

      The CWU opened talks today with o2 and Capita today to discuss the terms of transfer..

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    Reasons for signing

    • Patrick Gibbon WOKING, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 6 months ago

      Dear Mr. Dunne CEO of O2 TELEFONICA UK

      It has been 10 days now since I emailed you and also wrote a letter to you and still no reply to my serious complaint. If verification were needed that you and O2 are a heartless, useless and inefficient major company without a carafe for your wrong doing, this is it. See copy of letter and email sent to you on 1.5.2014 below:

      I have been authorised by my son,to speak to you and the staff at O2 on his behalf (see attached Letter of Authority signed by him).

      I am writing this letter in a final last ditch attempt to ‘knock some sense’ into your company and the staff that I have been dealing with over a cancelled phone contrast with your company via Carphone Warehouse, Woking Branch.

      Let me start from the beginning.

      My son was sold the contract at Carphone Warehouse and upsold the wrong phone & contract for him by Omar, a member of the Woking staff on 12.11.2013. for a Samsung Galaxy S4.  (He wanted an Apple iPhone as he has an Apple Computer).

      My son has Asperges Syndrome, a medical condition that does not allow him to fully understand certain complex issues or allow him to argue his case. He will accept what he by an ‘Expert’ is told as Gospel (plus other issues). 

      Within weeks in early December 2013, his mobile was stolen and reported to the Woking Police and yourselves and the phone was subsequently blocked.

      This is when I learnt of his new contract for the first time. Fortunately, he was also sold a Carphone Warehouse Insurance Policy with ‘Geek Squad against which he claimed for a replacement Samsung Galaxy S4.

      I spoke to Jason, the manager of CPW Woking, about him being sold the wrong phone and  that the Apple iPhone 4S was the one he asked for (the obvious choice as he has an AppleMac Computer), my concerns that he was sold a Samsung instead and of the high cost of the Samsung Contract. I explained his medical condition which leaves him vulnerable to up-selling the wrong phone and asked for a termination of this contract. I am not blaming them as obviously, they did not know of his condition. Eventually, CPW AND O2 kindly agreed to cancel the whole sale & contract to him ,on receipt of a letter from his GP as to his medical condition. At a cost of £40 to me per letter paid to my GP, this was written on 11.12.2013 (see attachment).

      Meanwhile, his replacement phone - Samsung Galaxy S4 - from Geek Squad Insurance arrived by delivery.

      I went in to CPW on 13.12.2013 as arranged with Jason (the manager of CPW Woking) to finally sort out the whole episode. I handed him the new replacement Samsung Galaxy S4 and all the paperwork including the letter from the doctor (see attachment).

      Jason contacted your company O2 by phone whilst I stood next to him and over the course of the next 2 hours, he scanned all the documents that I had brought in and uploaded them all to your company.  At the end of the 2 hours they confirmed that they were now happy with the return of the phone and paperwork and that the old contract of the 12.11.2013 was now cancelled and that he was free to take out a new contract.

      Jason the manager handed me a receipt for the return of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and contract which I now forward to you as well. (see attachment).

      That should have been the end of it all, (I wish).

      Subsequently, I bought him his new Apple iPhone and a new contract with you (O2) from CPW’s online company - -  on the 23.12.2013 (see receipt attachment). 

      On the 23.12.2013, my son came to me telling me that he could not get access to your network. On that same day I phoned and spoke to Justin to obtain a PAC Code which I was told my son needed. He gave me the code - TEL 537301.

      I then spoke to your company O2. They told me that the problem was that CPW were at fault because they had not updated the system and advised you (O2) that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had indeed been returned (Now I know this to be true because I was in the store when the manager or CPW Woking spoke to your company and uploaded scans of all the documentation in front of me and confirmed the safe return).

      I immediately phoned CPW Woking and spoke to Jonathan. He explained that they had all the information and that the PAC Code was all they need.

      On 23.12.2013 at 1.45pm I phoned your company again and spoke to Martin. I again explained the problem . He seemed to have a full grasp of the situation and went away to consult with a manager. The manager was happy that the phone had indeed been returned and Martin accepted the PAC Code to allow the new contract to be implemented. Shortly after, my son’s phone was working on the O2 network. 

      That AGAIN should have been the end of it all, (I wish).

      Since then, my son has been continually harassed by your company for a charge of £675.22 for early termination of contract and failure to return the phone. You have called him on several occasions, written letters to him and he has spoken to you and told you that the phone had been returned to CPW Woking and that he would not be paying any money as you were not entitled to it.

      Now, he is being bombarded and further harassed by your Debt Collecting Agency - ‘Buchanan Clark & Wells’  - threatening court action unless payment is made in full (see attachment for one example). I need to point out that my poor son WITH ASPERGES SYNDROME is already taking medication for depression. His depression has now worsened since your criminal hounding of him. Doctors Records available at a cost to you.

      I have tried to resolve the issues by phone AND also online chat with your company and so has my son. WHY WILL YOU NOT COMMUNICATE WITH CARPHONE WAREHOUSE to resolve this issue

      Also, several OnLine Chats have taken place to try to resolve the problem and for you to stop trying to claim money from my son that is not due to you. Please review your records to confirm. There was one particular ‘chat’ OnLine, for which I have copies if you need them (available on request at cost) :

      One such exchange happened on

      17.2.2014  at  5:35pm - Chat with Ravishankar - again, you confirm to me that NO PHONE had been received and you refused to contact CPW to resolve the problem.

      17.2.2014  at 7.32pm - Chat with Doual  and then his manager Tom - again, you confirm to me that NO PHONE had been received and you refused to contact CPW to resolve the problem.

      17.2.2014  at 8.03pm - Chat with Rachael then Shannon - again, you confirm to me that NO PHONE had been received and you refused to contact CPW to resolve the problem.

      On 11.4.2014 after another threatening letter from your Debt Collection company, I tried to phone you at O2 but l was kept waiting for over 10 minutes so I had another pointless OnLine Chat. 

      11.4.2014  at 12.47pm - Chat with Danny - I wanted to write to you Mr. Dunne, personally to complain at the threatening treatment that my son has received from your company and the total lack of professionalism that I would have expected form a major company such as O2. My son and therefore I, are expected to bend over backwards, put ourselves out and PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt  that we have done what was asked of us AND prove we have returned the Samsung and cancelled the contract ?

      Your employee, Danny, REFUSED TO GIVE ME YOUR CONTACT DETAILS. How can this possibly be the case ?

      It has taken me a while to obtain these details - not from your UNHELPFUL company, but from sources on the web.

      To summarise:

      1.  On 23.12.2013, my son and I, by mutual agreement, terminated the initial contract upon delivery to CPW Woking of all the requested documents and the return of the Samsung Galaxy phone on that morning. 

      2.  On 23.12.2013 at 1.45pm I spoke to Martin at O2 about taking out a new contract with CPW and yourself and he satisfied himself and me that the Samsung Galaxy phone had been returned, otherwise the new and present contract could not have been taken out with you.

      3.  Ever since that day, my son has been bombarded and harassed by you and your company (not CPW) for the money for early breach of contract AND non-return of  the Samsung Galaxy phone.

      For the last 2 months he has been  bombarded and harassed by your Debt Collection company ‘Buchanan Clark & Wells’, threatening court action unless payment of the £675.22 is made in full.

      4.  My son has never had a debt in his life. He and I have done everything that we should have done, phoned, emailed and OnLine chats to O2 to no avail. 

      5.  Your company have refused point blank to contact YOUR BUSINESS PARTNER CPW to verify the return of the Samsung Galaxy and all documentation pertaining to the cancellation of the initial contract.

      6.  Your operatives have refused to give me your contact as Head of O2 uk, so that I could finally enlist your help in resolving the problem - ‘UNBELIEVABLE’. 

      Have you any idea how criminally upsetting your companies behaviour has been in the blatant bullying of my Asperges burdened son ?

      7.  I would like a personal letter of apology to my son AND myself for your mishandling of this matter.

      8.  Apart from cancelling the so called Debt of £675.22, my son in particular AND I would like substantial compensation for your incompetence the damage caused to my son £500 (you can call it a goodwill gesture) PLUS time spent  - 10 hours at my work hourly rate of £55 per hour) of time wasted on this sorry fiasco £550; PLUS cost of phone calls and this letter to you sent Recorded Delivery which I estimate to be £6.80 postage. 

      (Additional copies of phone calls etc., are available on request at additional costs to you. 

      9.  If this matter is not settled to our full satisfaction within 14 days, you are hereby requested to send me a ‘Letter of Deadlock’ , leaving me no choice other than to contact CISAS and Ombudsman Services to upgrade this complaint.

      10.  You need to retrain your staff to be more helpful, cooperative and actually become proactive with regards resolving disputes and searching for the truth. 

      11.  Personally, I will be happy for this to go to court, where I will be able to stand up as his representative, and present the facts and documentation, exposing your company in the worst possible light. 

      12.  I will not be contacting your Debt Collecting Agency - ‘Buchanan Clark & Wells’. That is down to you, should you realise the error of your ways.

      13. Your treatment of my son angers and disgusts me. 

      I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to the CEO of Carphone Warehouse, no doubt you know him well, so actual communication between your two PARTNERSHIPS might actually happen ?

      In due course, I will be placing a copy of this letter/email on any website I see fit to highlight O2’s incompetence and your relentless and unfair bullying of my son.

      In due course, I will be contacting government bodies to see if you are in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act against my son. 

      In due course, I will be contacting the newspapers with this story.

      In due course, I will be contacting The National Autistic and Autism Society and they can highlight the story in their magazine.

      Thanking you in anticipation, I await your reply with great interest.

      PS: The last time I tried to contact your company was yesterday, 30.4.2014 at 3.37pm. I spoke to Ceejay and was kept waiting . She eventually did as requested and put me through to a manager called Robin. Robin (a lady) then hung up on me without any cause ? The call lasted 17 minutes. That was the final straw.

      Your company is the worst of all companies that I have ever had to deal with. Your so called Customer Care department is the also the worst. Your workers are crap and your so called managers are all beyond contempt

    • Bobby Calvert HAWICK, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      More greed driven changes from this company its time we thought about renationalisation of these greed driven companies as we now know privatization was a failure for the public and a great success for corporate greed

      • over 1 year ago

      Sutely we should be keeping work in the UK due to high unemployment figures. Also what's happened to customer satisfaction. we all know customer's dislike this.

    • john tymon LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      A decent society is about providing decent jobs for all its people.

      • over 1 year ago

      work wise and also for the sake of being an o2 customer keep it uk based


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