Riverside: Deputy Admits To Leaving Drugs! After Returning With CPS
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Paul Zellerbach
Riverside County DA's Office And Sheriffs

Riverside: Deputy Admits To Leaving Drugs! After Returning With CPS

    1. Jerry Briant
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      Jerry Briant

      Temecula, CA

We cannot Allow for these Officers to put Public safety at Risk! Please Help us ask the  FBI to Investigate this matter, 

Heres what happened:

Temecula, California

A Riverside County Sheriffs Deputy testified against himself and fellow officers by admitting to leaving drugs, after he had returned to the victims home twice to remove the child from his parents with a CPS agent, a Sheriffs Sgt also later  confessed to his involvement by admitting to calling CPS ( See Below )

The Riverside County District Attorneys Office handled by Paul Zellerbach Chose To Do Absolutely Nothing! In The Matter Knowing that A child’s Safety was put at risk! Including a Family and Community, in which the victims allege their race played a very important role in the DA’s Decisions.

Paul Zellerbach’s conduct has Been Admonished in the past which can be seen HERE ( unrelated ), which involved some of the actions as political.

The victims in the matter allege that Paul Zellerbach’s ignorance in the matter of child endangerment may have also been a political move at the time since it involved the Riverside County Sheriffs, The Victims allege Paul Zellerbach may have been seeking for endorsements for his run as District Attorney from the riverside county sheriffs.

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    • Jerry Briant TEMECULA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Sgt has already admitted to having knowledge about the drugs prior.. see the story on temekunews.com ' sgt confesses '

    • cheryl Fredrickson MURRIETA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      We should have the security in knowing that our Officers are there/here to protect us in our rights and safety.

    • Jerry Briant TEMECULA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      we cannot allow these officers to put public safety at risk..


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