Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company owned by Marriott & Prudential Insurance Company: Give Pat Mene, my dad, the disability and life ins. benefits he paid for.
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Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company owned by Marriott & Prudential Insurance Company: Give Pat Mene, my dad, the disability and life ins. benefits he paid for.

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      Holly'sHeart Says

      Palm Harbor, FL

My dad Pat Mene worked hard for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, now owned by Marriott, for over 12 years. Dad was the Vice President of Programs and Standards, traveling all over the world to make sure customers had the best possible experience. His work really paid off when Ritz Carlton won two National Quality Awards from the Commerce Department twice -- a fact that the company still brags about on their business cards and stationery.


Pat Mene loved The Ritz, and the Ritz loved my dad. Everyone was always so nice to us whenever I went with my dad to The Ritz Hotels, I thought my dad was a king! But then my dad had a massive stroke that left him totally disabled, and the Ritz-Carlton showed its true colors.


Dad almost died. The Ritz-Carlton Company told my mother that my dad's disability benefits would be paid within 90 days of my dad's stroke. After that 90 day deadline passed, Prudential, dad's insurer, told my mom many times that a check would be overnighted to her. But a check NEVER came! My mom used all of our savings for us to live. My mom wrote a letter to Mr. Marriott begging him to help us get my dad's benefits. Mr. Marriott said he couldn't help us, but he would pray for us! We lost our home.


We've tried to get Dad's insurance benefits for almost 10 years now, since I was just a little girl. Now my dad needs a kidney transplant and my mom has to pay 20% of the cost of the operation. My dad, Pat Mene, needs his disability benefits to live! 


I just want my Dad to get the Disability Insurance Benefits and Life Insurance Benefits that he worked for, paid for, and that were promised to him! The Ritz says it is Prudential's fault! Prudential says it it The Ritz-Carlton's fault! My dad is stuck in the middle of Prudential, The Ritz and Marriott - without his benefits. Not one of these three companies care if my dad, Pat Mene, lives or dies. But I care!


My family picketed at The Ritz in Naples, Florida in December. We were told by a person staying at the hotel that the Gingerbread House that was in the lobby cost over $250,000! Wow! But they can't lift a finger to help my dad? I know I am only a 17 year old girl but I know that if you sign my petition my dad, Patrick J. Mene, will get the benefits he paid for. Thank you.

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    • joseph purtill LARA, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      'We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.' That is until we actually have to pay for it. The hotel is designed to use talented people for its own gains; not for the gain of individuals and their families. I am not surprised by this sort of treatment. Everyone who reads this should boycott and Marriott owned business especially Ritz Carlton. How much did Arne Sorenson earn last year?? What a sad bunch of selfish people. Shame on you!

    • Julie Toth NEWBERG, OR
      • over 1 year ago

      disability insurers need to honor their contractual agreements with the severely ill. they also need to take steps to ensure they do not mislead in terms of the coverage/safety net the employee actually has. Huge change needs to occur with erisa law before hard working americans can be ensured of the safety net they have paid for.

    • Bernadean Porter NORTH PORT, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      I believe that when a company defaults on the contract that they have made with their employees, it is a sad day to be employed there. Especially when that employee was a great, reliable and faithful employee. And Pat Mene worked and received special awards for Ritz Carlton, which was the only company that had ever won two Malcolm Baldrige awards for service because of Pat. I believe that this company should honor their commitment to him.

    • Kathy Terrell CINCINNATI, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      I think everyone should pay attention to this petition. If they (Ritz & Prudential) can do this to someone like Pat Mene, a top level executive; then how will Companies treat the little guy?

    • Don Fischer CINCINNATI, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      Because he deserves the benefits. He gave the best years of his life to the company. He needs these benefits to take care of his family because he can no longer work. And that is what a man does - he works to take care of his family!


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